Good Morning,

One of the things that impresses me the most about Jesus is his eyesight. Jesus sees people that others don’t see, those who have been overlooked, labeled and left out. He sees the person in the back of the crowd, the person at the back of the synagogue, even someone perched in a tree. He sees their need, their value, their potential, and he calls them by name. 

One of the best things we can do for God is to really see people and call them by name. So many people around us go through life unappreciated and unknown.

May God give us better eyes to see what Jesus sees. May God give us the courage to not be afraid to love as Jesus does. Wouldn’t that be a really great thing to do for the world?

This weekend I’m going to tell you about a time Jesus saw a woman who was invisible for most of her life. The message is called "Bent and Broken," and our text is Luke 13:10-17. 

Sunday will be a special day as we welcome Matt Hodges as our worship leader. Would you invite someone to join us? 

See You Sunday,