County offices reopened this week
Following a nine week closure, Benton County offices reopened to the public on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at 8:00 a.m.

The public can expect “check-in stations” at the entryway of each County facility. Each station provides hand sanitizer and disposable face masks, and guidance for individuals that feel sick or have symptoms to not to enter the facility and instead to conduct business over the phone or by email.

All members of the public will be asked to wear a face covering or mask when entering County facilities. Additionally, individuals will need to provide contact information in order for the County to conduct contact tracing, in the case of possible exposure.

Daily COVID-19 Video

Since March 17, the Emergency Operations Center has produced over 52 daily videos—and 11 of them in Spanish—to provide timely COVID-19 information and updates to our community.

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Help Benton County stay open
Thank you for your overwhelming support as our local businesses open up in Phase I. Please remember that businesses may be overwhelmed as they work to meet reopening requirements and as the community eagerly seeks their services.

Please be patient and courteous as we all work to open safely.

Reporting Concerns

In order to help Benton County stay open, it is important that businesses adhere to reopening guidance. The County’s Emergency Operations Center has put together a resource for the community to submit concerns regarding businesses who are not following current guidance.

Benton County supports our community

Individuals who are seeking more information on how to support more vulnerable community members can learn about program assistance for:

Benton County-Corvallis Emergency Operations Center progress report

The Benton County-Corvallis Emergency Operation Center (EOC) issued a progress report for the initial activation and response in March and April 2020.

At the end of April, the EOC began transitioning to the recovery phase of the emergency. Under this model, the focus has shifted from emergency response to economic and community recovery.    //  541-766-6800 //
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