If you're in the US, odds are you've heard a lot about the scandal that was recently made public in Pennsylvania. Days before the news of the scandal broke, we published our latest campaign in support of seminarians around the world. We set our publication schedule months in advance, so we had no way of knowing our seminarian appeal would be live at the same time as a major scandal sent shock waves through the entire Church.

We at Catholic World Mission have felt, and are feeling, every manner of reaction to this terrible news: anger, disgust, sorrow, grief. We stand with victims and their families, and we stand with the good, holy priests who are reeling as much as any of us from this news.

St. Augustine once said, "Hope has two beautiful daughters: anger and courage." If true change is to come to our Church, we will need to allow the anger we all feel to fuel the courage it will take to make concrete changes.

We believe it was no coincidence that the opportunity to support a new generation of good, holy priests came about just as a terrible scandal hit our beloved Holy Mother Church. It is our sincere prayer that if you are angry, sad, disgusted, or whatever you feel--you will let that inspire hope for the future, because that is what these seminarians represent.

Here's our latest campaign:
Meet Sambha, Deacon Yakubu, and Benwen, seminarians from around the world that you can help today!

VIDEO: Click the image below to watch a video about our newest program, and then click the button underneath to learn more about how you can play a part in spreading God's love in the world by helping a seminarian today.
Updates from Around the World...

We added more photos of completed community centers in the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman. These community centers are in tribal villages, and are usually the only building with electricity. They provide a place for children to study, space for Mass, and other vital functions for the community.
Sri Lanka:

In July, we partnered with the St. Joseph Vaz Institute in the Diocese of Kurunegala to make history with our first medical mission trip to Sri Lanka. Doctors saw 755 patients. This trip was nothing short of a miracle for the villages of Sri Lanka! Click the button below to learn more and see all the photos!
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