The Rivers of Eden

Looking for a great study guide for the Torah portions in Bereishit?
Bereishit of  Creation Gospel Workbook Five Volume 1  may be the answer.  Click on the workbook to view the complete description.  We will try to make an audio recording about the Rivers of Eden available after Sukkot.  Their symbolism has so many layers of prophecy of the Seven Spirits of Adonai, the feasts, and the Temple, it is incredible!

Just a note on shipping:  no orders placed on the Creation Gospel website or Hebraic Roots Network will be shipped until after Sukkot.  Books that are on amazon's website still ship anytime.  

Chag sameach!

Although the lessons draw from the traditional Jewish sources, Workbook Five Volume 1, Bereishit, is not designed to be a typical scholarly Torah commentary. This work delves into the human aspects of each portion or elicit points not typically addressed. For instance, is the seven-branched menorah concealed within the four Rivers of Eden? What do donkeys and camels symbolize in Scripture, and what do they have to do with prophecy? What can each portion teach that will transform lives? The Ruach HaKodesh is invited to move over the words so that disciples of Yeshua can mature in their relationships with the Body of Messiah, with the Father, and even with enemies. Recommended for both individual and group weekly Torah study. Includes study/review questions on each portion.