Parashat Tzav
Candle Lighting 7:24 p.m.
Havdalah 8:25 p.m.
Parsha Talk

During this time of COVID-19 and uncertainty, we are all left asking questions for which there are no answers. We just don鈥檛 know how long this will last, or how our lives will evolve during this time period. However, there is a small but important silver lining鈥攐ur family and our community are drawn together in unique and often wonderful ways.  In that light, what does this week's parsha have to say about giving thanks? 
Spread the Good!
A ripple of kindness and smiles
While stopping the spread of COVID-19 is critically important, Spread the Good is about ensuring we are still focused on our humanity during this time of uncertainty. It is about sharing your acts of kindness to inspire others, outweigh the number of confirmed cases, and bring more light during this period of perceived darkness. Let your kindness and good ripple through the world and bring about a wave of smiles.

We have created a Facebook Group where we hope you will join us in posting positive messages of good in your life and/or of kindness you are a part of. Please use the hashtags #spreadthegood or #spreadthegoodRMBA and together let's put good messages out in the virtual world. Click here to join the group and to be inspired.
One Text - Many Voices
This week's One Text - Many Voices features Jeremy Morgan, Ezra Miller, and Orly Lashak. Click here for their views on the following text:

讜址讬旨址拽职专值郑讘 诪砖讈侄謹讛 讗侄转志讗址纸讛植专謻止谉 讜职讗侄转志讘旨指谞指謶讬讜 讜址讬旨执专职讞址芝抓 讗止转指謻诐 讘旨址诪旨指纸讬执诐 讜址讬旨执转旨值吱谉 注指诇指譁讬讜 讗侄转志讛址讻旨只转旨止謼谞侄转 讜址讬旨址讞职讙旨证止专 讗止转讜止謾 讘旨指纸讗址讘职谞值謹讟 讜址讬旨址诇职讘旨值证砖讈 讗止转讜止謾 讗侄转志讛址诪旨职注执謹讬诇 讜址讬旨执转旨值芝谉 注指诇指謻讬讜 讗侄转志讛指纸讗值驻謶止讚 讜址讬旨址讞职讙旨郑止专 讗止转謼讜止 讘旨职讞值吱砖讈侄讘謾 讛指纸讗值驻止謹讚 讜址讬旨侄讗职驻旨芝止讚 诇謻讜止 讘旨纸讜止: 讬旨指芝砖讉侄诐 注指诇指謻讬讜 讗侄转志讛址讞謶砖讈侄谉 讜址讬旨执转旨值谉謾 讗侄诇志讛址讞謹砖讈侄谉 讗侄转志讛指纸讗讜旨专执謻讬诐 讜职讗侄转志讛址转旨只诪旨执纸讬诐: 讜址讬旨指芝砖讉侄诐 讗侄转志讛址诪旨执爪职谞侄謻驻侄转 注址诇志专止讗砖讈謶讜止 讜址讬旨指吱砖讉侄诐 注址诇志讛址诪旨执爪职谞侄譁驻侄转 讗侄诇志诪郑讜旨诇 驻旨指谞指謼讬讜 讗值郑转 爪执证讬抓 讛址讝旨指讛指讘謾 谞值郑讝侄专 讛址拽旨止謹讚侄砖讈 讻旨址纸讗植砖讈侄譀专 爪执讜旨指芝讛 讬职讛止讜指謻讛 讗侄转志诪砖讈侄纸讛: 讜址讬旨执拽旨址证讞 诪砖讈侄讛謾 讗侄转志砖讈侄郑诪侄谉 讛址诪旨执砖讈职讞指謹讛 讜址讬旨执诪职砖讈址芝讞 讗侄转志讛址诪旨执砖讈职讻旨指謻谉 讜职讗侄转志讻旨指诇志讗植砖讈侄专志讘旨謶讜止 讜址讬职拽址讚旨值謻砖讈 讗止转指纸诐:

And Moses brought Aaron and his sons forward and bathed them in water. And he placed the tunic upon him [Aaron], girded him with the sash, clothed him with the robe, placed the ephod upon him, girded him with the band of the ephod, and adorned him with it. And he placed the choshen upon him, and he inserted into the choshen the Urim and the Tummim. And he placed the cap on his [Aaron's] head, and he placed on the cap, towards his face, the golden showplate, the holy crown, as the Lord had commanded Moses. And Moses took the anointing oil and anointed the Sanctuary and everything in it and sanctified them.
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Eat Your Broccoli

After reading the story Eat Your Broccoli in Mrs. Blumberg's Kindergarten class, students were tasked with writing about what they would do with a food item that they do not like eating.

In Ms. Bryant's lower school art classes this week students created Chlorophyll paintings. They were tasked with drawing a tree trunk, collecting leaves, and using a metal spoon to press the leaves down onto the paper. Students also enjoyed watching Ms. Bryant's new YouTube channel that has art videos for them to watch. They learned how to draw shapes in one point perspective this week.
Yasher Koach

Congratulations to Shelly Riklin, RMBA's Early Childhood and Lower School STEAM teacher, on becoming an official National Geographic Certified Educator. Click here to watch Shelly's capstone video.
Fun with Amphibians

Students in Ms. Bigham's lower Montessori class learned all about the various parts of amphibians this week. Students were asked to write in their journals all about if they were a frog and answer questions such as where did you wake up? Did you do anything interesting? What did you do? They then had to label the different parts as well as research an amphibian of their choice and answer other questions.
Desert Maze

BIMA (Beren Innovation Made Accessible) students in Mrs. Rosenzweig's makerspace class created science and math themed mazes for lower school students to practice their skills using the software cospaces. Click here to play the maze.
Self- Portraits

Students in Morah Esther's ECE2 class learned all about the story of Pesach this week. They learned from Moshe Rabbenu lessons on self-confidence and self-trust. They learned how to try to do things even though sometimes a situation can seem tough. The students drew self portraits and repeated "Yes I can."
Pesach Prep

Students in Morah Aviva's ECE4 class learned all about the Hebrew letter shin this week, the letter X, Pesach, and Kriyat Yam Suf (splitting of the Red Sea). Students enjoyed painting pictures, various science experiments, and a counting pyramid game.
Scavenger Hunt

Students in Morah Alissa's ECE3 class enjoyed an indoor scavenger hunt this week! Students were tasked with finding and collecting items such as socks that match, something that is red, and a sticker, among other items. Once collected they emailed a picture back to Morah Alissa.
Save the Date
15th Annual
Everyone's Virtual Mock Seder
April 5, 2020
7:30 p.m.
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Community Events
Pre-Shabbat Hagadol Mifkad
Friday, April 3
4:00 p.m.

Join us for our weekly mifkad this time featuring an exciting game
UOS Pre-Shabbat Dance Party, Story, and Virtual Kabbalat Shabbat

Friday, April 3, 2020
Dance Party/ Story Time:
6:15 PM
Kabbalat Shabbat:
锘 6:40 PM

Join from the comfort of your home on any device
UOS Virtual Haddallah

Saturday, April 4, 2020
8:30 PM

Join from the comfort of your home on any device

Please make sure to include Ata CHanantanu in the Amidah for Maariv or say 鈥淏aruch HaMavdil Ben Kodesh l鈥機hol (Blessed is he who differentiates between the holy and unholy.) 鈥, before logging on to the virtual Havdallah
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