Parashat Miketz
Candle Lighting 5:08 p.m.
Havdalah 6:09 p.m.
Parsha Talk

Have you noticed how much more we appreciate our health after an illness? Can you imagine after the pandemic how grateful we will be for the details of everyday life that we used to take for granted? What does this week's parsha, Miketz, have to say about noticing good things only after bad things? Find out in this week's parsha talk!
Cookbook Corner

There's a longstanding tradition of Jewish families in the U.S. and Canada going out to eat Chinese food on December 25. Wonder where the custom comes from? It dates back to at least 1935 when the New York Times mentioned a Chinese restaurant owner bringing chow mein to a New Jersey Jewish children's home on Christmas Day. If you are looking to serve up some Chinese food next Shabbat, check out this awesome Crispy Beef recipe.
RMBA Sibling Applications

Admissions season for the 2021-2022 school year is underway! If you have another child who you are interested in enrolling for the first-time next school year, please fill out the application now. Siblings are given first priority to open spots as long as applications are in by January 8. If you have any questions regarding the new sibling application process, please reach out directly to Admissions Director, Fannet Nater at
"A Mussar and a Mitzvah"
This week's Mussar and a Mitzvah features Avidan Abramson (10th grade) and Eve Vaknin (12th grade). Click here to read about a mussar and mitzvah in Parashat Miketz.
Beren Boys Bekius
Check out this week's Beren Boys Bekius Parsha Podcast featuring Seniors Jake Teller and Jeremy Morgan.
From the desk of the STEAM Lab

This week in STEAM lower school finished up their Menorahs and early childhood worked on making class menorahs. We also spoke about winter animals and how they stay warm! Wishing you a Happy Chanukah and a warm and safe winter break.
Potato Candles

Students in Rabbi Litvintchouk's 5th grade Judaics class connected Chanukah miracles and light to mesirat nefesh (act of self-sacrifice). They heard a virtual story about how people in times of hardship in Russia and during the Holocaust would save their rations of potato and butter and rip threads from their clothes just to be able to light a candle and make a bracha (blessing) during Chaunkah, even if just for one minute, putting their lives at risk.
Dementia Awareness

Dementia Awareness Day will be taking place tomorrow, December 18. Students in upper school are encouraged to wear purple shirts and make a $5 donation to the Alzheimer's Association. The day is being organized by the high school Sources of Strength team. Sources of Strength is comprised of a group of student leaders spreading hope, help, and strength.
Dreidel, Dreidel

Parents, grandparents, and friends from all over the world including Israel, Canada, and Switzerland, enjoyed zooming-in for our early childhood and kindergarten Chanukah performances. We are so proud of the great job that all the students did. While we are physically not able to all be together (or have visitors in the building) it was special seeing everyone virtually and celebrating Chanukah together. If you missed the performances, or want an encore, you can catch the ECE15 and ECE2 video here, ECE4 and Kindergarten here, and ECE3 here. Chag Sameach!

Congratulations to Senior Yael Passy on winning Rabbi Ouzzan’s Chanukah Trivia Kahoot, earning a $15 gift card! Second place went to Ariella and Netanya Ruben. Congratulations to all the students.
Chanukah Board Game

Students in Mrs. Rosenzweig's 6th math grade class studied for a chapter test by playing a Chanukah board game made by their teacher. The students used the gematria (alphanumeric code) of the letters to know how many spaces to move. The students had a lot of fun studying for the test. 
Show Your Colors

Sixth-graders in Mr. Duke's social studies class are learning nearly 200 national flags from around the world, along with researching the symbolism and meaning behind those flags' designs. On Dec. 11, the students had the opportunity to design flags of their own – using graphic design software – displaying symbols and colors that reflect the creators' values and interests.  
Toy Drive

Congratulations to the Lower School student council and all the early childhood and lower school students who participated in the toy drive and collected over 100 toys to give to the children and families in need that Chai Lifeline helps out. Chai Lifeline is a leading international children's health support network, providing social, emotional, and financial assistance to children with life-threatening and lifelong illnesses and their families through a variety of year-round programs and services.
Breakfast Bites

Upper School students enjoyed a special, enhanced breakfast for Chanukah and Rosh Chodesh sponsored by alumnus Akiva Levy (Class of 2018). Thank you so much for giving back to the school in such a thoughtful and delicious way!
Hot Off the Press

The latest issue of the Beren Bagel, the middle school newspaper, has just been published! You can check it out here!
Save the Date
RMBA Giving Day

January 19-20, 2021

More details coming soon!
Community Events
Bnei Akiva
Snif this Shabbat

December 19, 2020
4:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Grades 1- 12 at UOS

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