Parashat Yitro
Candle Lighting 5:52 p.m.
Havdalah 6:53 p.m.
Parsha Talk

Yitro had been a priest and an advisor to Pharaoh. Yet when he comes to join the Jews, and when he gives sage advice to Moshe about splitting up Moshe's responsibilities, he is referred to as Moshe's father-in-law first and foremost. Why?
A Heartfelt THANK YOU to our parent volunteers
Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart
Adi Arussi
Mercedes Behar
Suzanne Bershad
Nataly Chorev
Tamar Harosh
Merav Katz
Emily Weitz

To add your name to the list, be sure to document your hours in our parent hitnadvut (volunteer) binder located in the front office.
One Text - Many Voices
This week's One Text - Many Voices features Orly Lashak and Ezra Miler.  Click here for their views on the following text:

讜址讬职住址驻旨值证专 诪砖讈侄讛謾 诇职讞郑止转职谞謹讜止 讗值转蜘 讻旨指诇志讗植砖讈侄吱专 注指砖讉指证讛 讬职讛讜止指讛謾 诇职驻址专职注郑止讛 讜旨诇职诪执爪职专址謹讬执诐 注址謻诇 讗讜止讚郑止转 讬执砖讉职专指讗值謶诇 讗值证转 讻旨指诇志讛址转旨职诇指讗指讛謾 讗植砖讈侄郑专 诪职爪指讗指郑转址诐 讘旨址讚旨侄謹专侄讱职 讜址讬旨址爪旨执诇值謻诐 讬职讛讜止指纸讛: 讜址讬旨执郑讞址讚旨职 讬执转职专謹讜止 注謿址诇 讻旨指诇志讛址讟旨讜止讘指謹讛 讗植砖讈侄专志注指砖讉指芝讛 讬职讛讜止指謻讛 诇职讬执砖讉职专指讗值謶诇 讗植砖讈侄芝专 讛执爪旨执讬诇謻讜止 诪执讬旨址芝讚 诪执爪职专指纸讬执诐: 讜址讬旨謽止讗诪侄专謽 讬执转职专讜止謷 讘旨指专郑讜旨讱职 讬职讛止讜指謹讛 讗植砖讈侄吱专 讛执爪旨执芝讬诇 讗侄转职讻侄譀诐 诪执讬旨址芝讚 诪执爪职专址謻讬执诐 讜旨诪执讬旨址郑讚 驻旨址专职注謶止讛 讗植砖讈侄证专 讛执爪旨执讬诇謾 讗侄转志讛指注指謹诐 诪执转旨址謻讞址转 讬址讚志诪执爪职专指纸讬执诐: 注址转旨指郑讛 讬指讚址謹注职转旨执讬 讻旨执纸讬志讙指讚芝讜止诇 讬职讛讜止指謻讛 诪执讻旨指诇志讛指纸讗直诇止讛执謶讬诐 讻旨执郑讬 讘址讚旨指讘指謹专 讗植砖讈侄芝专 讝指讚謻讜旨 注植诇值讬讛侄纸诐: 讜址讬旨执拽旨址譃讞 讬执转职专吱讜止 讞止转值芝谉 诪砖讈侄譀讛 注止诇指芝讛 讜旨讝职讘指讞执謻讬诐 诇值纸讗诇止讛执謶讬诐 讜址讬旨指讘吱止讗 讗址纸讛植专譁止谉 讜职讻郑止诇 | 讝执拽职谞值郑讬 讬执砖讉职专指讗值謼诇 诇侄纸讗直讻指诇志诇侄譀讞侄诐 注执诐志讞止转值芝谉 诪砖讈侄謻讛 诇执驻职谞值芝讬 讛指纸讗直诇止讛执纸讬诐:

Moses told his father in law [about] all that the Lord had done to Pharaoh and to the Egyptians on account of Israel, [and about] all the hardships that had befallen them on the way, and [that] the Lord had saved them. Jethro was happy about all the good that the Lord had done for Israel, that He had rescued them from the hands of the Egyptians. [Thereupon,] Jethro said, "Blessed is the Lord, Who has rescued you from the hands of the Egyptians and from the hand of Pharaoh, Who has rescued the people from beneath the hand of the Egyptians. Now I know that the Lord is greater than all the deities, for with the thing that they plotted, [He came] upon them." Then Moses' father in law, Jethro, sacrificed burnt offering[s] and [peace] offerings to God, and Aaron and all the elders of Israel came to dine with Moses' father in law before God.
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From the desk of our
锘縎.T.E.A.M. Lab

This week our STEAM students rounded out their Tikkun Olam unit by learning how paper is recycled, then recycled paper in class. We then turned this paper into recycling monsters and other sculptures. Our students also enjoyed finishing up the mural for the zoo, creating a plastic utensil tree and a large plastic lid sculpture that will be painted and displayed once it is finished. All of these were part of our lessons on how to make sustainable choices with the items we use every day. Our lower school students finished engineering their own solutions to our plastic waste. Our students successfully campaigned to have a recycling bin put in our lunch room, created a recycle art challenge for the whole school to participate in (date TBD), and have asked to see if we can challenge students at other schools to create their own plastic top murals in an effort to keep as much plastic out of the environment as possible. We are very proud of the passion our students have shown in coming up with creative solutions to apply Tikkun Olam towards minimizing plastic waste!
History of Antisemitism

Students in Mrs. Traxler's 11th and 12th grade Jewish History class contributed their thoughts on the topic and discussed Antisemitism, its historical roots dating as far back as the blood libels in 1144, and what we face as Jews today.
Global Leadership

Students in Ms. Roisman's Global Leadership elective attended Fifth Circuit oral arguments at the Law Center last week. They got to ask questions of one of the appellate attorneys and meet Justice Gregg Costa.
Treasures of the Texas Coast

Students in 1st-6th grade art are working on their entries for the Treasures of the Texas Coast Art contest. The contest invites students to enter drawings for their yearly calendar illustrating the message to keep the Texas coast clean and free of trash. Beren students love creating artwork for contests, and we are hoping to be selected as some of the 40 students selected for the calendar to be displayed in the Texas Capitol building in Austin. Entries are due March 4th.
100th Day

Students in Mrs. Blumberg's Kindergarten class had a fabulous time celebrating the 100th day of school on Tuesday. Students created various necklaces, each with 100 items, enjoyed a snack party where they received 10 of each of 10 items, and even dressed up as 100 year old characters!
Division Collaboration

Ms. Cunningham's tenth grade geometry class and Ms. Bigham's first through third grade Montessori class began collaborating on their joint STEM Fair project. Their classes broke up into smaller groups to begin brainstorming ideas, which included drawing blueprints and testing strategies. Make sure to come see the final project on April 1st!
Save a Child's Heart

We are so proud of all the chesed our students do, both in and out of school. Last week Orly Lashak and Coral Yeudai helped organize a wine-tasting fundraiser for Houston's Save A Child鈥檚 Heart Foundation. The organization is based in Israel and helps children from underdeveloped countries get the cardiac care that they need. The event helped raise hundreds of dollars for children to receive new hearts.
Story Telling

Mrs. Pollak鈥檚 7th grade Navi class created their own newspaper headline along with 12 facts based on the  perek (chapter) they chose to write about. They also had to create 2 ads that were connected to their story line. They are proudly showing off their fun activity above.
Tu B'Shvat

Ori Friedmann's middle school and high school Hebrew classes learned all about various brachot (blessings) via eating a delicious Tu B'Shvat seder (meal). The classes enjoyed making a fruit salad and celebrating the festival of trees.

The Jewish Family Service's Alexander Institute for Inclusion came to visit RMBA to present the ReelAbilities short films for the 8th year to our Kindergarten though 12th grade students. The Institute works to foster a community that includes all individuals by striving to eliminate the stigma associated with disabilities. This is part of the JFS Film Festival currently running this month. These films were especially picked for our target audience of students and were developmentally appropriate for each of the grades. Students also participated in a post-screening discussion related to each film.These films were very powerful and had many symbolic lessons.
Save the Date
Come cheer on and support the RMBA High School Boys at our Home Playoff Game

Beren Stars vs. Gateway Christian
Friday, February 14, 2020
2:00 p.m.,
$5 adults

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Join us for Houston's largest day of Jewish learning!

Yom Limmud 2020
Sunday, February 16, 2020
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Congregation Beth Israel

To register and to learn more click here
4th Annual
Rabbi Joseph Radinsky zt"l
Community Service Day

Sunday, February 23, 2020
Shacharit 9:30 a.m.
Breakfast & Volunteer:
10:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

Adults, children, and families are invited to join together for a morning of community service. There will be volunteer opportunities both on and off campus.

Free babysitting will be offered for children under 3 years old who are walking!

Click here for more details!
RMBA Drama Society Presents:
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

There will be 2 showings, both held at the ERJCC Kaplan Theater
5601 S. Braeswood Blvd | Houston, Texas 77096

Thursday, February 27 at 7:15 p.m.
Saturday, February 29 at 8:15 p.m.

$10 kid ticket purchased online by 2/26 (under 12)
$12 adult ticket purchased online by 2/26

Tickets will be $18 at the door
Click here to purchase tickets.
Please join in the special dedication of the
Eishet Chayil Mechitza 
donated in loving memory of
Carolyn Barnett-Goldstein, z'l'
by Amy Goldstein and Molly Goldstein
Restoration of the Beren/Jefferson
Bet Midrash Mechitza
Thursday, March 12, 2020
Shacharit 7:45 a.m.
Dedication 8:30 a.m.
A breakfast will follow the ceremony
Athletic Updates
Please see the Beren Academy Calendar as your most up to date source for information. The  Week at a Glance  is a snapshot, but does not reflect any changes made after that date. 

Athletic Award Dinner
The Athletic Award Dinner will take place on Monday, March 30, 2020 at 6:00 PM in the ulam. 

High School Boys Basketball 
The Beren Academy Boys Basketball team will open the state tournament with a home game on Friday, February 14 at 2:00 against Gateway Christian. If the boys win this game, they will advance to the second round which will be held on Monday, February 17 at Halletsville Sacred Heart Catholic School. The game time is tentatively scheduled for 4:30 PM. Please check the calendar for all other dates and times. 
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Community Events
USA Basketball Tour

HS Girls Beren Stars vs. Elitzur Petach Tikva
February 14, 2020
12:00 p.m.
Bnei Akiva Snif
Parshat Yitro
4:15 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.
at UOS

For grades 1-12
J-HYPE Presents
The Great Big Babka Bake
with Instagram sensation
Naomi Elberg

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
7:00 p.m.
Congregation Beth Rambam
11333 Braesridge Drive

Click here for tickets
Early bird $15 (until 2/10)
Regular ticket $25
Purim Baskets 2020 are here!

To order click here
Password: texas
Please order by 2/23
orders received after 2/23 will be assessed an additional $20
Final deadline is 3/1
Teen Purim Bash
Monday , March 9, 2020
9:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.
Teens 9th - 12th grade
TORCH Centre
$7 online/ $10 at door
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