Parashat Bo
Candle Lighting 5:40 p.m.
Havdalah 6:42 p.m.
Parsha Talk

What is the distinction between me teaching a group of students and them learning, and how does it connect to instructions we are given about Rosh Chodesh in this week's parsha? 
A Heartfelt THANK YOU to our parent volunteers
Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart
Adi Arussi
Barry Gelman
Lilach Bashiri

To add your name to the list, be sure to document your hours in our parent hitnadvut (volunteer) binder located in the front office.
One Text - Many Voices
This week's One Text - Many Voices features Noah Diner, Noa Geralnik, Eyal Catran, and Lower School Judaics and General Studies Teacher Ziyona Rantz.  Click here for their views on the following text:

讜址讬旨纸止讗诪职专讜旨蜘 注址讘职讚值吱讬 驻址专职注止譁讛 讗值诇指謼讬讜 注址讚志诪指转址讬謾 讬执纸讛职讬侄吱讛 讝侄芝讛 诇指吱谞讜旨謾 诇职诪讜止拽值謹砖讈 砖讈址诇旨址讞謾 讗侄转志讛指纸讗植谞指砖讈执謹讬诐 讜职讬址纸注址讘职讚謻讜旨 讗侄转志讬职讛止讜指郑讛 讗直诇止纸讛值讬讛侄謶诐 讛植讟侄郑专侄诐 转旨值讚址謹注 讻旨执芝讬 讗指纸讘职讚指謻讛 诪执爪职专指纸讬执诐: 讜址讬旨讜旨砖讈址譃讘 讗侄转志诪砖讈侄证讛 讜职讗侄转志讗址纸讛植专止谉謾 讗侄诇志驻旨址专职注止謹讛 讜址讬旨郑止讗诪侄专 讗植诇值讛侄謹诐 诇职讻芝讜旨 注执讘职讚謻讜旨 讗侄转志讬职讛止讜指郑讛 讗直诇止纸讛值讬讻侄謶诐 诪执芝讬 讜指诪执謻讬 讛址讛纸止诇职讻执纸讬诐: 讜址讬旨郑止讗诪侄专 诪砖讈侄謹讛 讘旨执谞职注指专值芝讬谞讜旨 讜旨讘执讝职拽值谞值謻讬谞讜旨 谞值诇值謶讱职 讘旨职讘指谞值吱讬谞讜旨 讜旨讘执讘职谞讜止转值譁谞讜旨 讘旨职爪止讗谞值证谞讜旨 讜旨讘执讘职拽指专值吱谞讜旨謾 谞值诇值謹讱职 讻旨执芝讬 讞址讙志讬职讛止讜指謻讛 诇指纸谞讜旨: 讜址讬旨郑止讗诪侄专 讗植诇值讛侄謼诐 讬职讛执吱讬 讻值证谉 讬职讛止讜指讛謾 注执诪旨指讻侄謹诐 讻旨址纸讗植砖讈侄譀专 讗植砖讈址诇旨址芝讞 讗侄转职讻侄謻诐 讜职讗侄转志讟址驻旨职讻侄謶诐 专职讗謺讜旨 讻旨执芝讬 专指注指謻讛 谞侄芝讙侄讚 驻旨职谞值讬讻侄纸诐: 诇止郑讗 讻值謼谉 诇职讻謾讜旨 谞指证讗 讛址讙旨职讘指专执讬诐謾 讜职注执讘职讚郑讜旨 讗侄转志讬职讛止讜指謹讛 讻旨执芝讬 讗止转指謻讛旨 讗址转旨侄郑诐 诪职讘址拽职砖讈执謶讬诐 讜址讬职讙指郑专侄砖讈 讗止转指謹诐 诪值讗值謻转 驻旨职谞值芝讬 驻址专职注纸止讛:

Pharaoh's servants said to him, "How long will this one be a stumbling block to us? Let the people go and they will worship their God. Don't you yet know that Egypt is lost?"
[Thereupon,] Moses and Aaron were brought back to Pharaoh, and he said to them, "Go, worship the Lord your God. Who and who are going?"Moses said, "With our youth and with our elders we will go, with our sons and with our daughters, with our flocks and with our cattle we will go, for it is a festival of the Lord to us."So he [Pharaoh] said to them, "So may the Lord be with you, just as I will let you and your young children out. See that evil is before your faces. Not so; let the men go now and worship the Lord, for that is what you request." And he chased them out from before Pharaoh.
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锘縎.T.E.A.M. Lab

This week in STEAM our ECE students finished up their winter unit. We explored arctic habitats and arctic animals, made a pom pom snowman, practiced our math, and built more snow-dens. A hearty congratulations to our Lower School students who completed their simple machines! We hope everyone enjoyed seeing their hard work displayed in front of the office! Kol Hakavod (congratulations) to you for applying your engineering skills and creativity to create these simple machines. This week our older students focused on learning about matter by looking at what happens to water in the winter and comparing it to what happens to water in the summer. The students also studied arctic animals, their habitats, and their food chains. 
Global Art

In Ms. Bryant's High School Global Art class, students made sketches of African masks before starting African-inspired masks of their own out of clay. This week they are glazing their masks to add color.
Stay Safe

Kindergarten students enjoyed a 4 day program about staying safe at school, at home, and everywhere they go. Ms. Amanda brought puppets to demonstrate, and the students learned all about safety. The program was arranged by Stacey Laves-Khalifa, the lower school counselor. 
8th Grade Trip

Students in 8th grade enjoyed their adventure in Washington, D.C. where they had the opportunity to bond with one another and visit many historical sites. The trip started off at Arlington National Cemetery, where the students had the opportunity to witness the changing of the guard ceremony. They also visited the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian Museum of African History and Culture, the Smithsonian Museum of American History, and the remodeled International Spy Museum. Thank you to Gveret Chen and Mr. Duke for chaperoning the trip.
Stamp Names

Students in Morah Alissa's ECE3 class practiced letter recognition and the spelling of their names with letter stamps.
Beautiful Brachot

Students in Morah Ziyona's 3rd grade Judaics class began their unit on brachot (blessings) this week by taking advantage of the beautiful weather outside to learn about the meaning of a bracha (blessing). They focused on the beginning parts that most brachot have in common and began to realize the potential that they have to bring Hashem (G-d) into the world each time they make a bracha. Each student then said the bracha of shehakol (type of blessing) out loud so that they could respond amen before drinking from the water fountain.
Professional Development

Each week our lower school teachers delve into curriculum. Our project this year is to align our mathematics across grade levels and ensure the best transitions.  
Magical Retreat

High School students returned on Sunday from the acclaimed High School Retreat that takes place every year at Camp Young Judaea Texas. Students enjoyed spending time together bonding throughout the S habbaton and going full out for color war. Thank you to our shlichim Aviva and Ori Friedmann and the Bnot Sherut Talya Binyamin and Avital Borvick for coordinating an amazing time. Thank you to all the faculty and staff who chaperoned (we know you had fun too!).
Save the Date
Tu Bishvat in the Magical Forest

Sunday, February 2, 2020
10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Hosted by PJ Library and the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston at RMBA
4th Annual
Rabbi Joseph Radinsky zt"l
Community Service Day

Sunday, February 23, 2020
Shacharit 9:30 a.m.
Breakfast & Volunteer:
10:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

Adults, children, and families are invited to join together for a morning of community service. There will be volunteer opportunities both on and off campus.

Additional details and sign up form coming soon!
Please join in the special dedication of the
Eishet Chayil Mechitza 
donated in loving memory of
Carolyn Barnett-Goldstein, z'l'
by Amy Goldstein and Molly Goldstein
Restoration of the Beren/Jefferson
Bet Midrash Mechitza
Thursday, March 12, 2020
Shacharit 7:45 a.m.
Dedication 8:30 a.m.
A breakfast will follow the ceremony
Athletic Updates
Please see the Beren Academy Calendar as your most up to date source for information. The  Week at a Glance  is a snapshot, but does not reflect any changes made after that date. 

Senior Night for High School Basketball
The Beren Academy basketball teams will be celebrating our seniors before each game on February 4, 2020. The girls will be honoring Rena Schwartz and the boys will be honoring Aaron Ayach, Isaac Gateno, Idan Binjamin, and Noah Diner. Tip-off is set for 5:30 for the girls, and the boys will start approximately 6:45. 

Athletic Award Dinner
The Athletic Award Dinner will take place on Monday, March 30, 2020 at 6:00 PM in the ulam. 

High S chool Girls Basketball 
The HS Girls will travel to Bellville Faith on Thursday, January 30 before finishing up district play against Oaks  on February  6.

High School Boys Basketball 
The HS Boys have clinched the TAPPS District 9-1A championship after defeating Southwest Christian 66-37. The Stars were led by Jake Teller who set a school record with 11 three pointers on his way to 33 points. Noah Diner had 17 points and Ariel Diner finished with 14. Beren will finish up district play with a home game vs. Covenant Academy on February 4.
Accessing the current schedule
Please re-sync your calendars weekly
If you have any questions, please email Coach Cole at
Community Events
Snif is Back!
Parshat Bo
4:15 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.
at UOS

For grades 1-12
Rav Shaul Visits Houston

Parshat Bo
February 1, 2020

Join us at UOS for Shabbat for teen talks and programming with Rav Shaul Feldman, Executive Director of Bnei Akiva of the US and Canada.
Shiur: After Teen Minyan
Manhigut Talk: During Snif
Madrichim Talk: During Seudat Shlishit
TPG is Back!

Come join us for a fun and tasty parent-child learning and games!

February 8, 2020
7:15 p.m. at RMBA
Grades 1-6
$5 per child
Join UOS and Bnei Akiva for a
Seder Tu Bishvat

February 9, 2020
6:00 p.m.
for grades 9-12 (chabab)
Home of the shlichim

Please RSVP by 2/6/20
Purim Baskets 2020

Orders will begin soon

If your address has changed in the last year, please send an email to with the updated information.
J-HYPE Presents
The Great Big Babka Bake
with Instagram sensation
Naomi Elberg

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
7:00 p.m.
Congregation Beth Rambam
11333 Braesridge Drive

Click here for tickets
Early bird $15 (until 2/10)
Regular ticket $25
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