Parshat Bechukotai
Candle Lighting 7:56 p.m.
Havdalah 8:57 p.m.
Parsha Talk

When I worked as a software consultant, any unassigned personnel were designated "on the bench" and reported to the main office to await placement, sometimes for weeks or months at a time. At the time, I thought this sounded like an incredible deal. This week's parsha, Bechukotai, explains why I was simply wrong about this!
Color Your World With:

CELEBRATION! Congratulations to the Class of 2022 on an outstanding Commencement Ceremony last night. The 8 graduates spoke beautifully and from the heart about family and their time at RMBA. Please join us in congratulating our newest alumni!
From the Desk of the STEAM Lab

This week in STEAM we are talking about marine life! We learned about who lives under the ocean, what can grow under the ocean, how many oceans there are, and the many layers of the ocean (anywhere from 3 to 5). We also made an "ocean in a jar" showing which animals live in the sunlight zone, twilight zone, and midnight zones of the ocean.
Fraction Pizza

This week students in Mrs. Schneider's 1st grade class solidified their unit on Fractions by making the infamous Fraction Pizza! Students made their own tortilla pizza and were challenged to cut it into halves, fourths, and eighths. The best part...eating their delicious project!
5th Grade Kidnap

Students in 5th Grade were "kidnapped" by the middle school team and had the opportunity to meet with several of the teachers they will have next year and participate in mini sessions on what to expect in 6th grade including some fun get-to-know-you games. They enjoyed an ice cream sundae party and each 5th grade student received a personalized care package pencil case containing items for next year!
Shavuot Flowers

Students in Morah Tsippi's ECE2 class created a textured background for a special flower bouquet in honor of the upcoming chag of Shavuot!
Review Game

Mrs. Gelman's 6th grade Chumash class enjoyed playing an end of year review game of white elephant where they answered questions about Seder Shemot. Then, they each picked a prize as a reward for all their great learning this year.
Balancing Budgets

Students in Mrs. Schneider's 5th grade class participated in a project which allowed them to understand how a balanced budget works. Each student chose a career and figured out their gross and net monthly income. The students were then challenged to find a place to live, purchase a car, furniture, food, clothing, entertainment, all while staying within their budget. The students have decided that being an adult is hard work.
End of Early Childhood

Morah Aviva's ECE4A class was so excited to complete their Aleph Bet letters this week. What an accomplishment for our little mensches! The students also enjoyed simply spending time in their classroom centers this last full week of school, building and using their imagination in the Housekeeping and Blocks Centers. Kindergarten, here they come!

This week our wonderful and adorable Kindergarten students celebrated their promotion to 1st grade with a graduation ceremony together with their families and teachers. Kol Hakavod to their teachers Ms. Riojas, Morah Tzippe, and Ms. Merle for preparing them so well for a flawless performance!
English Language Arts

Students in Ms. Ruben's middle school English Language Arts class explored many important and valuable themes throughout the year using several different genres including novels, poetry, non-fiction articles, TED talks, and short stories. They started out examining personal journeys, they researched individuality vs. conformity, they investigated journeys of survival, and they capped off the year by delving into transformation through conflict.
Numbers and Animals

This week students in Morah Sandy's ECE3 class studied Parshat Bechukotai where they learned that farmers had to give one out of every ten animals to Hashem as a Korban (sacrifice). It would be marked with red and taken to Jerusalem. The class practiced counting out 10 animals and marking the 10th with tape.
Cities of Israel

Students in Morah Gila's 3rd grade Hebrew class enjoyed working on their Cities of Israel project. Every student chose a city and researched it, including learning about the city's unique symbol and meaning, the population, who the mayor is, the special places to visit, and the city's sports teams. Students then had the opportunity to share all the information their learned with their classmates.
Table Etiquette

Students in Mrs. Rosenzweig's Home Economics class learned about table etiquette. Students learned how to set a basic, casual, and elegant table. They also learned how to fold napkins in different ways, and how to behave and eat while sitting at the table. They are now ready to be great guests and hosts!
Board Game Day

Students in Ms. Bigham's Lower Montessori Class enjoyed a Board Game Day this week! The students brought board games to play and had fun learning the best ways to work together as well as how to strategize, follow instructions, and problem solve. This week they have also been finishing up individual and group research projects. The students made their own displays and then presented their research to the class.
Life Mapping

This week students in Ms. Rantz's middle school drawing class created their own life maps. Each continent represented different time periods or places in their life. Each symbol represents different challenges or emotions that the students went through.
LS Judaic Showcase & US Siyum

Every year the high school gathers (and this year middle school students joined too) for a festive celebration of all the Torah that was collectively learned throughout the year. The annual siyum (completion) allows students and teachers to reflect on the highlights of our learning and share divrei Torah (talks of Torah) with friends while consuming a delicious meal. Thank you to the Kluger family for generously sponsoring this year's event. Lower School students and their families also had the opportunity to celebrate the culmination of Judaic Studies and Hebrew learning with a stunning display of all their work. Students showcased projects that they worked on all year, as well as specific projects for the event.
Container Home Challenge

This week students in Ms. Rantz's middle school architecture elective learned about container homes and created their own 3D models from tag board and wood chips.
The results are in

Congratulations to the incoming High School Student Council for the 2022–2023 school year. Students delivered speeches and cast their ballots. Next year's high school will be represented by:
President: Shani Yanowitz
Vice President: Noa Geralnik
12th Grade Rep: Jacob Kupferman
11th Grade Rep: Sarah Plumb
10th Grade Rep: Daniel Alon
9th Grade Rep: Ami Gelman
Art Studio Wrap Up

This week, all students collected, organized, and reflected on their artistic journeys. Lower school shared their favorite project and memories while upper school completed self and peer critiques. Reflection is an important part of the journey. It helps us recognize how far we have come and appreciate the challenges we faced. Keep an eye out for the beautiful artwork sent home this and next week.
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RMBA's Summer Day Camp


Camp Dates:
July 8–July 29
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Ages: 2–11

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Community Events
Snif This Week

Grades 1–12
Shabbat 5/28/22
5:10 PM–6:30 PM
at UOS
Yom Yerushalayim Kids Tfila and Jerusalem Tours!

Sunday, May 29, 2022
9:15 AM at UOS

Join the Shlichim and Bnot Sherut for kids tfila, an art project, food, a visit to the
Kotel, and more in honor of Yom Yerushalayim!
MHLV Dance
2nd Annual Dance Recital

Monday, May 30, 2022
5:30 PM
MATCH Theater
3400 Main St
Women and Girls Only

$25 General Tickets
$50 VIP Tickets
Click here for tickets
Shavuot 2022 Torah Fest
Youth Learning with Bnei Akiva and UOS
June 4–June 6

See flyer for details!
Chevraya Bet Closing Event

San Marcos River Tubing and BBQ

Wednesday, June 8, 2022
All day event!

For grades 9–12

Additional details coming soon!
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