Candle Lighting 7:57 p.m.
Havdalah 8:59 p.m.
Parsha Talk

This time of year students are more and more anxious about the end of the term. Teachers are increasingly approached with questions such as "what do I need to get on the final in order to earn an A?" Feelings of accomplishment that should come as a result of a year's worth of effort seem mitigated by the eagerness to earn a good grade. How are students to balance their justifiable focus on grades with the arguably more important emphasis on true accomplishment?  Find out in this week's Parsha Talk!
From our family to yours we wish you a Chag Shavuot Sameach!
Tell Us How You Really Feel
If you could bring one thing from school to your house what would it be?
The art
The playground
The gym
The library
Staff lounge
The results are in...

What is the best outdoor sport?
Sea Shanties

Students in Mrs. Gelman's high school class have been working on sea shanties, in which they came up with songs that sailors would have sung after their encounter with Yonah. They also have been working on a final project on Sefer Yonah, where they were assigned to write an additional chapter to the book of Yonah and think about what happens next and if Yonah changes his mind about repentance. Click here to watch the shanties that have been uploaded.

As part of a unit on astronomy, 7th graders in Ms. Goldstein’s earth science class had a special lesson on gravity. Through a demonstration using a gravity table, they were able to see how the mass of an object in space affects its gravitational pull, and how massive objects like stars are able to pull planets into orbit around them. They were also able to see why moons orbit planets and not the sun, and how scientists have figured out how to use the gravitational pulls of both the moon and the earth to conserve fuel during shuttle missions. Special thank you to
CIJE (Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education) STEM coordinators Dr. Katherine Uwuor and Ms. Yafa Lamm who joined the virtual lesson.
Cheesecake Creations

Students in 3rd grade combined for a joint Judaics class with Ms. Rantz and Morah Rivkie to virtually make a no-bake Har Sinai Cheesecake. A lot of fun was had by all.
14 Hours, 1 Zoom

We were proud to join the Houston Jewish community-wide Shavuot Learnathon this week, which included Cong. Beth Yeshurun, Cong. Beth Israel, Temple Sinai, UOS, Cong. Or Ami, Torah Vachesed, Emery Weiner, Houston Cong. for Reform Judaism, Cong. Beth Shalom of the Woodlands, Houston Hillel, Cong. Emanu El, and TORCH. Rabbi Ari Kellerman gave a shiur about "Do You Run Towards Mitzvot?" Throughout the day there were over 100 participants!

Kindergarten students and their families virtually celebrated their graduation ceremony this week. Students were surprised with a graduation goodie bag a few days before, which included a certificate, a cap, and graduation badge. Students and families enjoyed hearing from teachers and administration, as well as watching a fun slideshow. Mazal Tov to the class! We are looking forward to welcoming you into 1st grade.
Holiday Crowns

Students in Morah Aviva's ECE4 class cut, colored, and decorated special crowns in honor of Shavuot, which included cut outs of the Shivat Haminim (the 7 species) which they learned about this week.
Marathon Miles

Just a few days left to complete your miles! Please let Mrs. Schneider know as soon as possible if your child has completed the RMBA School Marathon.
Silent Shavuot

Students in Morah Esther's ECE2 class learned all about Matan Torah and how the whole world was quiet and nothing made a noise. Animals didn't make any sounds. Birds didn't fly, and wind didn't blow. Students also made flower headbands for Shavuot as they learned that Har Sinai became full of flowers at the time of Matan Torah.
Simplifying Radicands

8th grade Algebra is working really well on the last chapter of Algebra. Mrs. Rosenzweig and the students share the interactive whiteboard platform in Zoom to solve math problems. The students and teacher are able to write on the whiteboard, which makes learning so much fun. It almost feels like we are in school because of the technology. 
F is for Flower

Students in Morah Adriana's ECE2 class learned all about flowers in the Spring season. Students made collages of pictures taken around their neighborhoods of flowers and configured them to fit into the letter F outline.
Save the Date
Join RMBA Faculty and Staff to celebrate and say goodbye to an amazing year with a car parade on campus

June 4, 2020
11 a.m. - Noon
Please drive through the Cliffwood gate, circling and exiting as you wave to your teachers who will be lined up along the path. 
Robert M. Beren Academy
proudly announces the graduation of the
Class of 2020
Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 6 p.m.

The graduation ceremony will take place in person for the graduates and their immediate families. Virtual details to follow!
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