Parashat Behar-Bechukotai
Candle Lighting 7:44 p.m.
Havdalah 8:45 p.m.
Parsha Talk

In this week's Torah reading, Behar and Bechukotai, there is a seemingly random sequence of verses that begins with observance of the Shemitah year and concludes with rules for laborers and slaves going free. But is this grouping really random, or is there a reason behind the progression? Find out in this week's parsha video!
Hakarat HaTov

Thank you so much to our fabulous PTO, led by Sara Samet, who treated our faculty and staff to an amazing week of Teacher Appreciation. Each day during the week staff and faculty "travelled" to a different place around the world and received themed treats such as breakfast tacos on Cinco de Mayo, an Italian lunch, and more! Thank you, PTO; you are the best!
"A Mussar and a Mitzvah"
This week's Mussar and a Mitzvah features Yael Passy (12th grade), Noah Frydberg (10th grade) and Nissim Ruben (10th grade). Click here to read about a mussar and a mitzvah in Parashat Behar-Bechukotai.
Beren Boys Bekius
Check out this week's Beren Boys Bekius Parsha Podcast featuring Seniors Jake Teller and Jeremy Morgan. Click here to check out previous episodes.

Have you checked out RMBA's newest podcast which features Head of School Dr. Paul Oberman interviewing various RMBA constituents each week? Catch the episodes here!
From the desk of the STEAM Lab

This week in STEAM we had a blast both in and outdoors pouring, stirring, and planting! We learned about parts of a plant/flower and conducted color changing experiments with flowers. Stay tuned for the final reveal! Shabbat Shalom and have a wonderful time celebrating Mother’s Day!
Design Fab, Continued

Middle schoolers in Ms. Goldstein's BIMA elective are finishing up their wedge designs this week. Next week they will meet with the participants from Jewish day schools across the country to discuss their designs and coordinate the placement of the wedges for the digital exhibition.
Melting Marshmallows

Students in Morah Rozie's 4th grade Judaic Studies class enjoyed a special Lag Baomer treat on Friday and had fun roasting marshmallows in celebration of the holiday.
Plant and Play

Students in the Toddler and ECE2 classes enjoyed the newly enclosed outdoor play area just outside their classrooms this week. This added space allows more visible time with teachers at drop-off and promotes some outdoor center activities for our littlest learners. They are also enjoying watering basil, cilantro, and mint in small herb pots.
A Fun Visit

Students in Morah Alissa and Morah Sandy's ECE3 class had an encore visit from officer Seth Frydberg (who also happens to be Sandy's son!) to show ECE3 his new patrol car! The students were able to see the lights, hear the sirens, and even try on his vest. 
For the Butterflies

Students in Ms. Cunningham's Environmental Science class enjoyed the outdoor weather and planted seeds for the class' butterfly garden.
Rational Numbers

Students in Mrs. Rosenzweig's 7th grade class worked hard on solving equations with rational numbers. The students took turns solving equations on the whiteboard and enjoyed explaining how to solve the equations. 
Virtual Visitor

Rabbi Ouzzan's Seminar class was privileged to hear an amazing lecture from former member of Knesset Rabbi Dov Lipman. Rabbi Lipman discussed his foray into Israeli politics, the nature of Israel's government, and the country's existing policies regarding COVID. He also gave words of consolation in the aftermath of last week's Meron tragedy.
Solids of Revolution

Seniors in Ms. Cunningham's high school Calculus class enjoyed making “solids of revolution” using a wood lathe this week.
Cadena Initiative

Congratulations to 6th grade students Ari Meckley, Shir Ogorek, and Ari Rosenzweig, who were selected to represent RMBA at the international Cadena Initiative competition. The students' environmentally friendly project "Happy Planet Paper" makes cards and coasters out of recycled paper. The cards and coasters have educational messages on how to take care of the environment. The profits from selling these cards and coasters will then utilized to plant trees. The students have been working hard on their prototype, video, and slide show. Good luck to our awesome students! 
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