Parashat Ha'Azinu
Candle Lighting 6:55 p.m.
Havdalah 7:54 p.m.
Parsha Talk

In this week's parsha, Ha'azinu, we read "May my teaching drop like the rain, may my utterance flow like the dew." Sforno understands this to mean that those with great wisdom and discernment can absorb a tremendous amount from the Torah, comparing this amount to the driving rain. However, even those with less understanding can benefit from the smaller amount of Torah learning comparable to flowing dew. Each person can benefit according to his or her learning. 
STEAM Lab on Wheels

When talking about Yom Kippur we talked about apologizing and forgiving our friends. In ECE15 through ECE3 we read about making good choices and explored our reflections. We used our own homemade hanger scale to weigh our choices in ECE4 and Kindergarten.

Seventh-graders in Mr. Duke's Texas History class learned how to make infographics as part of a website-creation project. For a practice lesson, the students celebrated the accomplishments of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, z"l; tracked the COVID-19 pandemic; and recounted the top news stories from Texas over the past Jewish year, 5780. With their new design skills going forward, the students will be challenged to produce infographics to accompany articles that they will write for their websites. Check out some of the creative infographics here.
C is for Crayon

Students in Morah Aviva's ECE4 class are moving along with the alphabet. β€œC” was the letter of the week, and the children got to COLOR with CRAYONS. Afterwards, they practiced writing the word β€œCRAYONS” for their ABC books!
Yeshiva University Visits RMBA

RMBA juniors and seniors had the opportunity to virtually meet with Aharon Goldwasser, from the Yeshiva University admissions office, to hear about what life at YU might look like for them. They also got great tips for filling out their college applications.
Troll Yoga

Students in Mr. Riklin's Kindergarten PE class enjoyed learning and practicing the various moves they learned in "Troll" Yoga. It was a very relaxing and fun activity.
Puzzle Piece Word Building

Students in Morah Tzippe's 2nd grade Judaics class began building their Chumash skills using manipulatives. They put together the "puzzle pieces" that make up a word. using the prefix, root word, and suffix.
Virtual Visitor

Mike Staub with Water Mission in Charleston, SC talked to Mrs. Cunningham's Environmental Science class about providing clean water in underserved countries.
Chana the Prophetess

Mrs. Pollak's high school Prophets class is studying in depth the story of Chana, our Prophetess. It is from HER that we learn the laws of Tefillah, prayer. She poured out her heart to G-d, she moved her lips, and no sound was heard. She is the role model of how one turns to G-d, directly, with sincere outpouring of one’s thoughts to connect directly with G-d. It is her story and correct actions we read about in our Haftarah on Rosh HaShana.
Apples Everywhere!

Students in Morah Alissa's ECE3 class finished up their apple unit with apple printing and measuring their bodies with apples.
Goal Setting

Students in Mrs. Schneider's 1st grade class have been enjoying learning various reading skills. This week they discussed how important it is to set goals and they worked hard to meet their goals.
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Bnei Akiva Snif Returns!
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