Parashat Ki Tisa
Candle Lighting 7:11 p.m.
Havdalah 8:12 p.m.
Parsha Talk

When Jews put their forces together with Hashem's help, the possibilities are unlimited.  Find out how this idea ties in to both this week's parsha and Purim!
A Heartfelt THANK YOU to our parent volunteers
Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart
Suzanne Bershad
Nataly Chorev
Sara Goldberg
Amy Goldstein
Ronna Bush
Lilach Bashiri
Monika Weisz-Hubshman
Jenny Wolfe
Malkah Yellin

To add your name to the list, be sure to document your hours in our parent  hitnadvut  (volunteer) binder located in the front office.
Click here to watch all the Purim fun at RMBA this week!
One Text - Many Voices
This week's One Text - Many Voices features Rena Schwartz, Yehuda Stock, Hadassah Elliot, Ashley Taibel, Rafi Gross, and Nathan Bogomolny. Click here for their views on the following text:

讜讬旨址郑专职讗 讛指注指謹诐 讻旨执纸讬 讘砖讈值芝砖讈 诪砖讈侄謻讛 诇指专侄郑讚侄转 诪执谉志讛指讛指謶专 讜址讬旨执拽旨指讛值吱诇 讛指注指譁诐 注址诇志讗址纸讛植专止謼谉 讜址讬旨纸止讗诪职专证讜旨 讗值诇指讬讜謾 拽郑讜旨诐 | 注植砖讉值讛志诇指郑谞讜旨 讗直诇止讛执謼讬诐 讗植砖讈侄证专 讬值纸诇职讻讜旨謾 诇职驻指谞值謹讬谞讜旨 讻旨执讬志讝侄郑讛 | 诪砖讈侄郑讛 讛指讗执謼讬砖讈 讗植砖讈侄证专 讛侄纸注直诇指吱谞讜旨謾 诪值讗侄郑专侄抓 诪执爪职专址謹讬执诐 诇止芝讗 讬指讚址謻注职谞讜旨 诪侄讛志讛指芝讬指讛 诇纸讜止: 讜址讬旨证止讗诪侄专 讗植诇值讛侄诐謾 讗址纸讛植专止謹谉 驻旨指纸专职拽讜旨謾 谞执讝职诪值郑讬 讛址讝旨指讛指謹讘 讗植砖讈侄专謾 讘旨职讗指讝职谞值郑讬 谞职砖讈值讬讻侄謹诐 讘旨职谞值讬讻侄謻诐 讜旨讘职谞纸止转值讬讻侄謶诐 讜职讛指讘执謻讬讗讜旨 讗值诇指纸讬: 讜址讬旨执转职驻旨指纸专职拽讜旨謾 讻旨指诇志讛指注指謹诐 讗侄转志谞执讝职诪值芝讬 讛址讝旨指讛指謻讘 讗植砖讈侄郑专 讘旨职讗指讝职谞值讬讛侄謶诐 讜址讬旨指讘执謻讬讗讜旨 讗侄诇志讗址纸讛植专纸止谉

When the people saw that Moses was late in coming down from the mountain, the people gathered against Aaron, and they said to him: "Come on! Make us gods that will go before us, because this man Moses, who brought us up from the land of Egypt we don't know what has become of him." Aaron said to them, "Remove the golden earrings that are on the ears of your wives, your sons, and your daughters and bring them [those earrings] to me." And all the people stripped themselves of the golden earrings that were on their ears and brought them to Aaron.
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Eishet Chayil Mechitza Dedication

On Thursday the Eishet Chayil Mechitza in memory of Carolyn Barnett-Goldstein z'l' was officially dedicated by Mrs. Amy Goldstein and Molly Goldstein (Class of 2021). In a very touching ceremony, Amy and Molly spoke about why Jewish education and the arts were so important to their mother/ grandmother and the meaning behind each of the panels representing different women throughout Jewish history. We are very honored to have Carolyn Barnett-Goldstein's legacy live on at RMBA.
Mystery Reader

Morah Aviva's ECE4 class was surprised by class parent Yaffa Terill as the mystery reader this week. The students love guessing who the Mystery Reader is after Morah Aviva offers clues to help solve the mystery. The class also developed their fine motor skills while having fun with colorful card stock and paper clips.
Chag Purim

Students in Morah Rozie's 2nd grade Hebrew class enjoyed baking Hamentashen (filled-pocket cookie) in honor of Purim.
Simple Machines

While learning about simple machines in physical science, 8th grade started the first of a series of activities exploring how various simple machines make work easier. The first machine they examined was the inclined plane, which they did by pulling weights up ramps of different heights and then calculating the mechanical advantage of each ramp. 

3rd grade students in Mr. Riklin's Academic Engagement class have been learning about ecosystems as well as the water cycle with a focus on gardening. This, combined with their lessons about recycling and reusing from earlier in the school year, came together resulting in the 3rd grade "Upcycled Green Wall" on the back end of the ECE playground facing the parking lot. The students took trashed or recycled plastic bottles and upcyclced them into small hanging gardens which can be hung and grown in even the smallest of spaces.
Maze Craze

9th grade students in Mrs. Rosenzweig's Geometry class are working hard on their mirror-laser maze projects. The students need to use 6 mirrors and one laser, and the laser has to reflect in all mirrors and hit a target. In this project students need to draw a path and find all angles and sides of all triangles made by the laser using the laws of sines and cosines. 
Chag Sameach!

Students in Morah Miriam's 1st grade Judaics class had fun making masks for Purim as well as making their own megillot (10th tractate of Mishnah read on Purim), tzedaka (charity) boxes, and grogers (instrument/ratchet).
As Easy as PIE

To celebrate the 2nd grade's unit completion on author's purpose the 2nd graders had to each persuade, inform, and entertain Ms. Rantz about why she should give them Mike and Ike candies. The students received Mike and Ikes upon completion of their task.
Save the Date
Save the Date
RMBA's 2nd Annual STEAM Fair
Tuesday, March 31, 2020
3:00 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.
11333 Cliffwood Drive
All ages invited! Open to the community

Additional details to follow
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Athletic Award Dinner
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Community Events
Snif this week
Parshat Ki Tisa
5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
For grades 1-12 at UOS
Ulpan Shemesh invites you to Summer Camp in Hebrew!

Ivrit B'kef Ulpan Shemesh is partnering with the ERJCC!

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The 15th Annual
Man's Mock Seder
March 29, 2020
7:15 p.m.
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