Parashat Vayekhel-Pekudei
Candle Lighting 7:15 p.m.
Havdalah 8:16 p.m.
Parsha Talk

When children receive expensive gifts from their families, most children will be extremely grateful. Many parenting experts suggest, however, that those children who worked to earn money for a portion of the gift will be even  more  grateful for such a gift, perhaps taking extra good care to be certain that no harm comes to a gift that they are also invested in. Find out how this idea takes shape in this week's Parsha Talk! 
Spread the Good!
A ripple of kindness and smiles
While stopping the spread of COVID-19 is critically important, Spread the Good is about ensuring we are still focused on our humanity during this time of uncertainty. It is about sharing your acts of kindness to inspire others, outweigh the number of confirmed cases, and bring more light during this period of perceived darkness. Let your kindness and good ripple through the world and bring about a wave of smiles.

We have created a Facebook Group where we hope you will join us in posting positive messages of good in your life and/or of kindness you are a part of. Please use the hashtags #spreadthegood or #spreadthegoodRMBA and together let's put good messages out in the virtual world. Click here to join the group and to be inspired.
One Text - Many Voices
This week's One Text - Many Voices features Isaac Gateno, Ellen Morgan, Jacob Plumb, Noa Geralnik, and Noah Diner. Click here for their views on the following text:

讜址讬旨指讘止謺讗讜旨 讻旨指诇志讗执謻讬砖讈 讗植砖讈侄专志谞职砖讉指讗郑讜止 诇执讘旨謶讜止 讜职讻止帧诇 讗植砖讈侄专蜘 谞指纸讚职讘指吱讛 专讜旨讞譁讜止 讗止转謼讜止 讛值譅讘执譅讬讗讜旨 讗侄转志转旨职专讜旨诪址吱转 讬职讛止讜指譁讛 诇执诪职诇侄吱讗讻侄转 讗证止讛侄诇 诪讜止注值讚謾 讜旨诇职讻指诇志注植讘郑止讚指转謹讜止 讜旨诇职讘执讙职讚值謻讬 讛址拽旨纸止讚侄砖讈: 讜址讬旨指讘芝止讗讜旨 讛指纸讗植谞指砖讈执謻讬诐 注址诇志讛址谞旨指砖讈执謶讬诐 讻旨郑止诇 | 谞职讚执郑讬讘 诇值謼讘 讛值譅讘执譅讬讗讜旨 讞指郑讞 讜指谞侄譁讝侄诐 讜职讟址讘旨址证注址转 讜职讻讜旨诪指讝謾 讻旨指诇志讻旨职诇执郑讬 讝指讛指謹讘 讜职讻指诇志讗执謺讬砖讈 讗植砖讈侄芝专 讛值谞执譀讬祝 转旨职谞讜旨驻址芝转 讝指讛指謻讘 诇址纸讬讛止讜指纸讛: 讜职讻指诇志讗执譃讬砖讈 讗植砖讈侄专志谞执诪职爪指郑讗 讗执转旨謼讜止 转旨职讻值支诇侄转 讜职讗址专职讙旨指诪指譀谉 讜职转讜止诇址芝注址转 砖讈指谞执謻讬 讜职砖讈值郑砖讈 讜职注执讝旨执謶讬诐 讜职注止专止吱转 讗值讬诇执支诐 诪职讗指讚旨指诪执譀讬诐 讜职注止专芝止转 转旨职讞指砖讈执謻讬诐 讛值讘执纸讬讗讜旨: 讻旨指诇志诪值专执謼讬诐 转旨职专证讜旨诪址转 讻旨侄吱住侄祝謾 讜旨谞职讞謹砖讈侄转 讛值讘执謺讬讗讜旨 讗值謻转 转旨职专讜旨诪址郑转 讬职讛止讜指謶讛 讜职讻止帧诇 讗植砖讈侄专蜘 谞执诪职爪指吱讗 讗执转旨譁讜止 注植爪值芝讬 砖讈执讟旨执譀讬诐 诇职讻指诇志诪职诇侄芝讗讻侄转 讛指纸注植讘止讚指謻讛 讛值讘执纸讬讗讜旨: 讜职讻指诇志讗执砖旨讈指芝讛 讞址讻职诪址转志诇值謻讘 讘旨职讬指讚侄郑讬讛指 讟指讜謶讜旨 讜址讬旨指讘执郑讬讗讜旨 诪址讟职讜侄謼讛 讗侄纸转志讛址转旨职讻值吱诇侄转謾 讜职讗侄转志讛指郑讗址专职讙旨指诪指謹谉 讗侄转志转旨讜止诇址芝注址转 讛址砖旨讈指谞执謻讬 讜职讗侄转志讛址砖旨讈值纸砖讈:

Every man whose heart uplifted him came, and everyone whose spirit inspired him to generosity brought the offering of the Lord for the work of the Tent of Meeting, for all its service, and for the holy garments. The men came with the women; every generous hearted person brought bracelets and earrings and rings and buckles, all kinds of golden objects, and every man who waved a waving of gold to the Lord. And every man with whom was found blue, purple, or crimson wool, linen, goat hair, ram skins dyed red or tachash skins, brought them. Everyone who set aside an offering of silver or copper brought the offering for the Lord, and everyone with whom acacia wood was found for any work of the service, brought it. And every wise hearted woman spun with her hands, and they brought spun material: blue, purple, and crimson wool, and linen.

Tell Us How You Really Feel
COVID-19 is stressful, but what is your silver lining?
Spending time with family
The amazing community
All the Chesed
Other (Please email us. We'd love to hear!)
The results are in...

What is your number one news source?
Things I Miss

High School Art Students in Ms. Bryant's class were asked to visually journal things they miss in the style of illustrator, Jordan Sondler. This heartfelt artwork is by Eve Vaknin, 11th grade.
The Letter P

Morah Alissa's ECE3 class accomplished so much remotely this week! The students learned about Pesach through a variety of video lessons and songs. They also learned about the letter 'p' and patterns. Click here for an amazing Pesach Playlist geared towards early childhood students!
Text Structure

Ms. Rantz's 2nd grade class followed recipes as a part of their unit on understanding nonfiction text structure. Click here to see the creative work that Miles put together in developing his "smurtles" recipe.
Book Report

In Ms. Bernosky's 4th grade class students worked on creative book reports. Thank you to Shmuly Rosenzweig for sharin g h is book report about The Lemonade War using a cereal box. On the box, he wrote a summary about the book, he wrote the ingredients which were the characters, he described the characters, and finally he made a commercial to sell the delicious cereal. 
Navi Newspaper

6th graders in Mrs. Pollak's Navi/Prophets class created their own newspapers on a favorite storyline they learned throughout the year. They included catchy headlines, innovative ads, and summaries. (This image was taken before our school closure!)
Global Art

Students in Global Art class explored the Menil Collection of Houston Online. Choosing from Arts of the Ancient World, Arts of Africa, Or Arts of the Pacific Island, they chose a piece of artwork that stood out to them and created a sketch from home. You can check out the collection here.
Magical Math

Students in Ms. Bigham's Lower Montessori class had such a great time doing their math assignments (from home!) - they eagerly sent us their pictures!
Spring Collage

Students in Morah Esther's and Morah Clara's ECE2 class had fun creating a Spring collage by picking out their own flowers.
Save the Date
Please Note:
All RMBA events through March 31 have been postponed.

We are working on planning virtual events that you can attend, and we look forward to sharing those with you soon!
Cooking Club with
锘縏he Out of Town Cook
Strawberry Dump Cupcakes

When? At your own leisure!
Where? On any device you have!

Join our after school Cooking Class's Chef Shoshana as she shows you how to prepare delicious cupcakes

You can download the recipe here!
Bon Appetit!
Athletic Updates
Please see the Beren Academy Calendar as your most up to date source for information. The  Week at a Glance  is a snapshot, but does not reflect any changes made after that date. 

Athletic Award Dinner
The Athletic Award Dinner scheduled for Monday, March 30, 2020 will be postponed.
Accessing the current schedule
Please re-sync your calendars weekly.

If you have any questions, please email Coach Cole at
Community Events
Bnei Akiva Houston
Virtual Mifkad
Friday, March 20, 2020
4:00 PM

Click here to join the Zoom Meeting
UOS Pre-Shabbat Story
and Virtual Kabbalat Shabbat

Friday, March 20, 2020
6:30 PM

Join from the comfort of your home on any device here:
UOS Virtual Haddallah

Saturday, March 21, 2020
8:25 PM

Join from the comfort of your home on any device here:

Please make sure to include Ata CHanantanu in the Amidah for Maariv or say 鈥淏aruch HaMavdil Ben Kodesh l鈥機hol (Blessed is he who differentiates between the holy and unholy.) 鈥, before logging on to the virtual Havdallah
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