Guidance during difficult times and informed advice when untangling difficult relationships.

  • Berkeley property owners and operators are exposed to additional layers of regulations after Measure MM sails through at the ballot box.
  • Last call for our Thursday, November 19th webinar on managing and untangling difficult landlord-tenant relationships.
  • Some takeaways from a TransUnion study exploring the credit consequences of the pandemic for renters and the ripple effect it has on landlords.
  • Alameda County rolls out incentives to pair homeless persons with landlords.
From the desk of Daniel Bornstein

2020 has been the most complicated era of landlord-tenant law ever and now, Berkeley property owners and operators have more cause for indigestion after Measure MM has passed. We paint the broad strokes in this article.

Keeping a pulse on the credit ramifications of renters struggling to pay rent during the pandemic, TransUnion has some surprising findings. We offer some takeaways in our latest blog.

Alameda County has launched a program to pair homeless persons with open-minded landlords who can give a hand up while getting guaranteed rental income and a support staff that makes the transition smooth. We applaud the pioneering initiative and offer some considerations here.

In difficult times and with difficult tenants, there are many quandaries that landlords face. In our Thursday November 19th webinar, we will talk about how to manage problematic landlord-tenant relationships and attempt to find ways for both parties to come out ahead on the other side of the pandemic.

If you haven’t already done so, you can register for the online meetup here.

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Already overtaxed and overregulated property owners will now face a labyrinth of new rules after voters approved the measure.

Rental property owners have been asked to keep an open mind and learn more about participation in the program.
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