The trustees are pleased to announce that this year's BIA Parade of Homes has once again selected Berkshire Township as its' venue. Cheshire Woods will host this year's parade. If you are not familiar with Cheshire Woods, it lies between I-71 and Rome Corners Rd., south of Cheshire.

Since 1952, the BIA Parade of Homes has been the premier live home show in central Ohio, showcasing the latest in architecture, interior design, technology, outdoor living spaces and landscaping. 

Watch the website for details as the Parade draws nearer, but it's great to be recognized as the convenient, desirable community that we all know and love. Berkshire Township has historic and rural roots, with an eye to a well-planned and responsibly developed future.

Rod Myers, Bill Holtry and Mike Dattilo, Township Trustees

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  *All the events listed on the Calendar of Events are held at the Berkshire Township Hall , 1454 Rome Corners Road   Galena, OH 43021 unless otherwise noted


Monday, January 2 New Year's Observed,

Township Offices Closed

Thursday, January 5   7:00 p.m.

Zoning Board Meeting, Open to the public

Monday, January 9,   7:00 p.m.

Trustee and Township Organizational  Meeting, Open to the public

Monday, January 16 Martin Luther King Day, Township Offices Closed

Monday, January 23   7:00 p.m.

Trustee Meeting, Open to the public
Next Park Meeting is Thursday January 12th at  7 p.m.
The next meeting to discuss planning for the park will be held Thursday, January 12th at 7:00 p.m. where we  hope to see even more residents in attendance who'd like to be involved with the planning and creation of a township park . We have an exciting presentation to share and cannot wait to see this project move forward in 2017!

We've said before - this is a resident driven initiative and we're only in the beginning stages, so don't feel like it is too late to contribute; We are just getting started, and depend on your skill sets, energy and talents to see this park become a reality.
Do you know where you live?

Most of you, if asked that question will likely say “I live in Sunbury,” or “I’m from Galena.” But in fact, those are our mailing addresses for convenience sake. Most folks reading this newsletter actually LIVE in Berkshire Township.

What’s the difference? Ohio is divided into three major administrative divisions: counties, municipalities (cities and villages), and townships. Typically, what separates the last two is size. A city is incorporated and has 5000 or more residents; a village is incorporated and has fewer than 5000 residents. There are exceptions to the above, but this is the simplest way of explaining the difference. A township, is an unincorporated area which may have villages within its’ boundaries, but does not have a “town center,” so to speak. Many folks do not realize that all of the Village of Galena and all but a tiny part of the Village of Sunbury actually lie within the boundaries of our township, but they are their own incorporated governing bodies. Interestingly, Sunbury will likely become a city after the next census, due to their growth and expansion.

In next month’s newsletter, we’ll explore the history of Berkshire Township – its founding and origins within the state of Ohio. With the help of a fascinating book published in 1880, called The History of Delaware County, we’ll look at the earliest white settlements in our township by pioneers from the east.

Do you know in what year our township was established, and by whom? Stay tuned, and we’ll delve into that and other interesting facts.
Rent the Township Hall for your next event

The Berkshire Township Hall is the ideal place for a family gathering, party, shower, or group meeting. It is available to township residents for a modest rental fee. ($75 rental fee plus a $100 refundable deposit.) It has a modern kitchen, tables, chairs, handicap accessible restroom facilities and is located at 1454 Rome Corners Road.  
For availability contact Jeff George at 740-315-7402
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