As we mentioned in the last newsletter, road work will be in full swing for the next few months. During the summer both the township and the county will be on the roads doing resurfacing, installing and repairing culverts, and working to keep Berkshire  roads in tip-top shape. When we receive advance notice, we will publish dates and lists of roads, but since it is so weather dependent, that is not always feasible.

As a reminder, contact information for all your township employees and trustees can be found on the website. We encourage you to reach out to your trustees, administrative, zoning and maintenance employees whenever needed. We are here to serve you, the residents, and to keep our community a place we can all be proud to call home.

Rod Myers, Bill Holtry and Mike Dattilo, Township Trustees

    Always, for the most up-to-the minute info, be sure to visit the CALENDAR OF EVENTS and  TOWNSHIP NEWS page on our website.

  *All the events listed on the Calendar of Events are held at the Berkshire Township Hall , 1454 Rome Corners Road   Galena, OH 43021 unless otherwise noted

MAY 2017

Tuesday, May 2 Election Day  Not sure where your polling place is? Click below for a link to the Delaware County Board of Elections and find out now. Find my polling location

Thursday, May 4  7:00 p.m. Zoning Meeting, Open to the public

Monday, May 8,  7:00 p.m. Trustee Meeting, Open to the public

Thursday, May 11   6:30 p.m. Special Zoning meeting to update Berkshire Township Comprehensive Plan, Open to the public

Wednesday, May 17   7:00 p.m. Board of Zoning Appeals meeting, Open to the public

Thursday, May 18   7:00 p.m. Parks Meeting, Open to the public

Monday, May 22   7:00 p.m. Trustee Meeting, Open to the public

Monday, May 29, Memorial Day  Township Office Closed

Do you know where you live?
by Shawna Burkham

When Berkshire Township was first laid out, it encompassed land that has since been divided off into other townships. The towns of Sunbury and Galena had not yet been incorporated into villages with their own governments so were part of Berkshire, too. Today, the entire Village of Galena and the majority of the Village of Sunbury still lie within the township's borders, although they have been incorporated with their own Village Councils, etc. 

Galena was originally platted under the name of Zoar, but in 1834 when a post office was established, they discovered there was already a Zoar post office north and east of here, in Tuscarawas County, so the name Galena was suggested by Nathan Dustin.

Sunbury was laid out by William and Lawrence Myers and the original plat is dated November 1816. In 1820, Lawrence Myers built the historic Myers Inn, which still stands today on the southwest corner of the Sunbury Square. The inn is now a museum and the home of the Big Walnut Area Historical Society. Click for Link to Historical Society Web page.

Sunbury is fortunate to have many historic buildings which have been preserved and are still in use today, not the least of which is the imposing Town Hall. Built in 1868, the structure cost $6,500, of which $1500 was contributed by the Masonic Lodge to build the third story, which they still occupied in 1880.

I hope you've enjoyed this brief series of articles and now, when someone asks, "Where do you live?" you'll proudly say "I live in Berkshire Township, and it's an amazing place!"

 * the reference material used and quoted in writing these articles is from a book titled "History of Delaware County and Ohio", published by O.L. Baskin & Co., Historical Publishers in 1880.
911 Delaware County Emergency Alert Notification System
If you want to receive emergency notifications via text or email from the DELCO ALERTS system, you need to go to their website, create an account and sign up. You can select what type of emergency situations you want to be notified about (ie. weather, gas leaks, boil orders, etc.) when they are issued.

If you do not have access to email or texts, you may call 740-833-2180 for assistance in finding other methods of notification .
Our Park Takes Off!
Months of planning, meetings, research and time are paying off! On Tuesday, April 25th, work began on carving out paths and the garden area for the Berkshire Township Park. While this is only the beginning, it's exciting to see what we hope will be a wonderful community space starting to take shape.

Pictured above is Clementine Franco, whose mother Cassie has been instrumental in plans for the children's play area. Clementine is more than ready to have a safe, fun place to play and was here to "supervise" as the work began. Over the next few months, our park will begin to take shape, and we can't wait to see it unfold.

The next meeting of the Park Committee is Thursday, May 18th at 7 p.m. and is open to the public. Please come!


We began our contract with Republic Services last year on May 1. One of the reasons the trustees chose to utilize a single hauler was to reduce the number of days that garbage trucks would have to be on township roads, and because recycling was included to all residents at no additional monthly cost.
      So, the question of the month is, can you guess how many pounds of recyclables were collected from Berkshire Township residents from May 1 until December 31, 2016?

A.      148, 306 pounds
B.      291,720 pounds
C.      420,638 pounds

With regards to trash and recycling cans, we encourage you to always collect the empty cans on Fridays as high winds may cause them to blow over into the road, creating a traffic hazard, and it keeps our streets and neighborhoods looking nicer.

Questions about Republic Waste Services days of pick-up, recycling rules, etc.? For your convenience a link to a copy of their mailer is provided below. Please contact Republic directly with any issues or concerns. LINK TO REPUBLIC MAILER - CLICK HERE

(if you guessed B. you are correct. Our residents rock! You "get" the importance of taking that extra step to recycle to help reduce the waste sent to landfills. Good Job!)
  BST&G Fire Levy on May 2nd Ballot

The BST&G Joint Fire District is asking for a renewal and an increase on the ballot May 2nd.

Due to the rapid growth in eastern Delaware County, the demand for services will exceed the current budget allocations in the coming years. When the current chief, Jeff Wilson, took over  in 2011, the department had no other full-time employees. Today there are eight full-timers and 26 part-time workers.   

"BST&G is almost funded entirely by this levy... They go on more than 1,000 runs a year and have seen up to 10 calls on particularly busy days."

Important to note; the current levy is 3-mills, and it expires end of this year; the requested increase is for an additional 1.85 mills, bringing the total to 4.85 mills. County Auditor George Kaitsa has stated the additional millage would cost the residents of the areas served an additional $64.75 annually (based on a $100,000 home value.)

Please remember to vote on this important issue on May 2nd.

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