Fall Color Galore
Even though we didn't get trees planted until fall, the new maples along the north edge of the park have provided some lovely color as we move into winter. Hope you had a chance to see these beauties last month. With the nice weather even this week, we're happy to say many families are still enjoying walking the paths and bringing the little ones to the park to play outdoors. Grab a jacket and the kids and come on over before the snow files!

Other Park News....
In November the trustees voted and approved funding to create a Berkshire Township Trails, Parks & Recreation Master Plan. EDGE Landscape Architects will lead the team on this project. The main purpose for doing a Master Plan is to provide your township with the necessary tools to move forward with developing not only our existing park, but the ability to plan and create future parks and trails. With the amount of development occurring in Delaware County, if we don't plan properly now, in 10-15 years it will be too late. We know the rural feel of Berkshire is what drew many of you here in the first place. Being able to provide adequate green space is crucial to maintaining that feel. We're working hard to ensure your kids and THEIR kids will have the quality of life you currently enjoy as a township resident. Stay tuned, as we will definitely be enlisting your opinions and help in the year to come to create this Master Plan. Stay informed of park news on our website at http://www.berkshiretwp.org/parks.html