First order of business is an apology/explanation regarding the emails about the trash pick-up schedule a few weeks ago. After receiving notice from Republic on a Monday that pick up would be delayed by a day due to the ice storm, we then got notice on Thursday that they had caught up, so we sent a follow up email. We know that for many of us, trash was not picked up until Saturday anyway. We're sorry for any confusion our emails may have caused. We do know that if Republic has your valid phone number that you SHOULD receive a robo-call from them with this type of information. If you are not getting those calls, you may want to contact Republic directly and update your contact info.

We had a few chuckles after the last newsletter was sent regarding the walkability of the path at the Township Hall. When written, it was cold, but sunny and snow-free. When sent, we were in the middle of an arctic freeze with several inches of snow on the path. Just know that when it's not snow-covered, it's a great and accessible place for residents to get a bit of exercise.

The trustees and staff welcome a new employee to the township maintenance department. Justin Williams comes to us from Miami Township, just east of Cincinnati. He has many years of experience working for a township and was very involved in the Parks Department there. We're sure you'll see him and supervisor Dan Hale out and about in the months to come. Welcome, Justin!

Township Trustee meetings are typically held the second and fourth Monday of every month (Always refer to the Calendar page on the website for changes to this schedule.) They are open to the public and residents are encouraged to attend. It's a great way to stay on top of township happenings and even meet your neighbors. Hope to see you soon.

Speaking of neighbors, if you have new neighbors, please let them know they can sign up for the Township Newsletter on the website at the bottom of the home page at

A REMINDER - As mentioned last month, an official township sponsored parks survey may be coming your way by mail in the next few weeks. If you receive a survey, please take a few minutes to fill it out and return it in the envelope provided. Your help on this matter is extremely important.

Rod Myers, Bill Holtry and Mike Dattilo, Township Trustees

   Always, for the most up-to-the minute info, be sure to visit the CALENDAR OF EVENTS and  TOWNSHIP NEWS page on our website.
All events listed take place at the Berkshire Township Hall, 1454 Rome Corners Rd., Galena OH 43021 unless otherwise noted
 Thursday, February 1 No Zoning Meeting
Monday, February 12 7:00 p.m. Trustee Meeting, open to the public
Monday, February 19, President's Day, Township Offices Closed
Wednesday, February 21 7:00 p.m. Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting, if needed. Open to the public.
Monday, February 26 7:00 p.m. Trustee Meeting, open to the public

MARCH 2018
Thursday, March 1 7:00 p.m. Zoning Meeting, open to the public
Monday, March 12 7:00 p.m. Trustee Meeting, open to the public
Monday, March 26 7:00 p.m. Trustee Meeting, open to the public
F ew things matter more to your trustees and administrators than keeping residents informed of what's happening in Berkshire.


If you know someone new to your neighborhood, or if you're in a new group at church, work or school with folks who live in Berkshire, can you ask them to sign up for the township email list?
We try very hard not to bombard you with email.

Why does this matter to me?
It's expensive to mail to every home, but costs just pennies to stay in touch through email. Please help us reach out to other residents in a cost effective way by asking them to sign up now.
It's at the bottom of the township home page at
Berkshire Community Park Update
One of the goals we have in mind for the park in 2018 is to complete the playground area for kids ages 5-12, and add some fun pieces to the little kids play area. Stay tuned for updates and chances to help.

Another, is to hopefully dig a pond, which will also allow us to create a sledding hill for residents to enjoy. The weather last month has certainly been conducive to sledding, and we hope by this time next year you'll have a safe, fun place close to home to play!

  • FEBRUARY TRUSTEE QUESTION FOR TOWNSHIP RESIDENTS: We'd like to plan some future events in the new park/playground area. What would YOU like to see here? Ideas discussed are an Easter Egg Hunt, flea market day, art show, Fall Festival etc. Please send your suggestions to to have your ideas considered by the trustees.

Remember, as a Berkshire resident you can rent the Township Hall for your next party or event
If you've been thinking of renting the Township Hall for a family gathering, meeting or party; heads up! We're accepting dates for 2018. If you're considering the space, please contact Shawna at to get your reservation in now. The hall is available for rental to Berkshire Township residents only. More info and photos are available on our website on the "Services and Maintenance" page.
Home Depot accepts small electronics for recycling
The Home Depot on Rt. 23 in Orange Township accepts electronic items for recycling. There is a container outside the store's main entrance. TV's are not accepted, but other small electronic items, including computers are.
We're often contacted with questions about road closures, etc. Sometimes we have the answers, but not always. Other than interstate I-71, roads in Berkshire Township fall into three categories: Township Roads, County Roads and State Roads. When the township is in charge of a project, we are able to give you more information. Click here for County Road Link:
Click for State Road Link: Link to ODOT Projects web page
On a Similar Subject... Many of you may want to receive text or email notifications directly from Delaware County regarding Snow Level Alerts or other weather related emergencies. Here is the link to their web page where you can sign up to receive those notices.


We encourage you to always collect your empty cans on Fridays as high winds may cause them to blow over into the road, creating a traffic hazard. (It keeps our streets and neighborhoods looking nicer, too.)

Please contact REPUBLIC WASTE at 800-601-1867 or at the number on your invoice if you have any questions or issues with your service.
New to the township? Republic Waste is the single authorized trash hauler for Berkshire residents, so please call them to subscribe and be sure to tell them
you are on the Berkshire Township contract.
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