While our region does not frequently experience severe winter weather, we typically do have one or two weather events every year that affect business-as-usual. If such an event does occur this year, the Town of Berlin asks that you follow these tips to ensure that everyone stays safe during a serious winter weather event:

  1. Regardless of the weather, if you have special needs that emergency personnel should be aware of, please complete a Special Needs Alert Program form.
  2. Sign up for the Town's emergency notification system CodeRED below.
  3. Keep up to date on winter weather by checking local TV or radio stations for details. There are also many software applications for your smartphone or other technology that will provide automatic updates for weather related events.
  4. Pay attention to travel advisories. If you don't need to be on the road, please stay home.
  5. To allow snow removal crews to be most effective and to protect personal property, avoid parking on the street if possible. Keep in mind that the crew's responsibility is to clear the travel portion of the road; it is not always possible to accomplish this in such a way as to avoid blocking driveways or covering sidewalks.
  6. During a severe winter weather event, Town personnel may not be able to collect trash and recycling as normally scheduled, but collection will be completed as soon as practical.

For more information about staying safe in an emergency, please visit the Maryland Emergency Management Agency website.