Reminders for maintenance requirements from the Town Code:
  • Keep your grass cut less than 6 inches in height.
  • Remove all weeds and foreign growth from your property. This includes sidewalks, street stormwater gutters, along fences, and property lines.
  • Tree limbs overhanging into neighboring properties should be trimmed.
  • No clippings or yard waste are permitted to be blown or placed into the street or gutters.
  • Remove staining of the exterior surfaces of your home, including outbuildings and fences, caused by mold, mildew and algae.
  • Exterior painted surfaces such as soffits, fascia, and trim, are to be kept free of peeling, cracking paint and wood rot. These surfaces and those on steps, porches, and decks are to be kept structurally sound.

Take advantage of the upcoming Town’s Bulk Pick Up days and follow the guidelines in the link below for dates and allowable items which may be picked up by Public Works.With just a few extra steps, we can all enhance the resiliency, property values, and beauty of our Cool Small Town!

**Reminder with spring in full swing please remember Berlin's leash laws; dogs are required to be restrained by a leash, unless on the premises of the owner (See code requirements here) .