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Volume 3 | April 8, 2020
BernCo offices will be CLOSED Friday, April 10 for spring holiday
#StayHome and help those who can't
Stay safe, stay healthy and help stop the spread of germs!
  • Practice social distancing -- be aware of your surroundings and others near you
  • Adhere to the six-foot rule and stay at home except as needed for grocery shopping, medical assistance and exercise
  • Limit group contact to five or less people
  • Wash your hand often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash
New Mexico Department of Health Department:
  • New Mexicans with COVID-19 related questions should call the coronavirus hotline at 855-600-3453
  • Non-COVID-19 related questions or concerns, call 833-551-0518
Up-to-date information about state mandates and information: . Emergency order extended to April 30.
Information and resources from the CDC regarding coronavirus COVID-19: .
How to Make a Face Mask in :45 Seconds
COVID-19 Update: Mental Health Services Available 24/7
Recent BernCo News Releases
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BernCo offices will be CLOSED Friday, April 10 for spring holiday.

Following discussions with the State of New Mexico, 2019 second-half property tax payments will remain as scheduled by state statute. Payments must be submitted by email, deposited in the county drop box at Fifth and Marquette, or mailed and postmarked by May 10 to avoid any assessed penalties or interest. The Bernalillo County Treasurer’s Office does accept the postmark as the payment date.County Treasurer, Nancy Bearce says the county collects and sends taxes to other agencies such as the University of New Mexico Hospital, Central New Mexico Community College, Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, Albuquerque Public Schools and the City of Albuquerque. Extending collections could have a direct impact on an agency’s ability to operate and its budget. 

Informative resources and guidance to local grocery stores on safe operation and minimizing the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 -- the resources explain the symptoms of COVID-19, how to prevent the spread of illness and outline best practices for grocery stores operators and customers. Video on How to Properly Clean Your Groceries .

Residents are warned that callers, impersonating healthcare services and providers, are asking for dates of birth, social security numbers, and names. The callers pretend this information is required to receive COVID-19 related test results, treatments, or vaccines. Residents are warned not to give their social security numbers over the phone.

The BernCo Housing Department, by and through powers vested in County Manger Julie Morgas Baca during the current state of emergency in Bernalillo County, has issued an order to cease evictions of residents who have reduced income and cannot pay their rents.

Please be advised the ABC Community School Partnership Board will meet on
Thursday, April 9, 2020, at 9 a.m. for a virtual zoom meeting:; Meeting ID: 342 042 468
One tap mobile +13462487799, 342042468# US (Houston).
The meeting is open to the public. (Please be advised that due to security concerns , to attend this meeting you must first register at the following link
Once registered, you will receive an email containing a password and a link to the meeting.
We apologize for the inconvenience).
Census 2020: i Count New Mexico
Visit to be counted today!
BernCo Open with Restrictions
Most County Offices Shut Down but Public Services Remain Open
BernCo offices will be CLOSED Friday, April 10 for the spring holiday.

Following directives from the State of New Mexico, Bernalillo County has now closed a majority of its facilities to the public until further notice. Bernalillo County will be conducting a majority of its work and public functions through the use of online applications, email, and drop box services. The building closures and staff reductions are an effort to control the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 and limit personal contact between residents.
Law enforcement, firefighters and rescue personnel, 911 dispatch, and the Metropolitan Detention Center (no in-person visitation) will continue to work as normal .
Community Resources and Information
BernCo Serves Grab and Go Breakfasts and Lunches
BernCo is serving ‘grab-and-go’ breakfasts and lunches at six county locations. Locations here. Parents drive-up to the community center with their children in the vehicle and center staff give a breakfast and lunch for each child in the vehicle.
BernCo will be closed Friday, April 10 -- Friday meals will be served on Thursday, April 9.

APS Identifies Schools for Student Meal Pick-Ups
I n response to the community coronavirus threat, and in an effort to minimize social interactions to prevent the spread of the illness, Grab & Go meals will be available to all school-age students at least through April 3.  Visit the APS website for locations.

10 Shopping Tips for Consumers
Grocery store employees continue to work day and night not only to catch up with increased demand for food and essentials during the COVID-19 crisis, but to increase the frequency of cleaning to minimize the spread of the virus.
Many shoppers have asked what they can do to stay safe and minimize the spread of the virus while shopping.
Here are a few tips to help ensure a safe shopping experience for everyone:
1. Only visit the grocery store when it’s essential. Be creative with what you already have at home before going to the store.
2. Wear a face mask to help slow the spread.
3. Help reduce store crowding. Don’t bring extra people on your visit to the store if at all possible.
4. Practice social distancing within the store. The CDC guideline is 6-feet – the safe distance to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. An average grocery cart is 3-feet long, so keep a distance of two grocery carts between you and others.
5. Inspect produce with your eyes, not your hands. To avoid unnecessary handling of fruits and vegetables use a produce bag to make your selection.
6. Avoid unnecessary handling of all items in store. Try not to pick up cans or boxes or other products unless you plan to buy. Let your eyes guide your choice.
7. Don’t crowd the check stand.
· Keep your distance from the person in front of you. As a courtesy, some grocers have marked the floors in and around the checkout area to assist you in keeping a safe distance.
· Wait until the customer in front of you has finished collecting their groceries before unloading your groceries at the check stand.
8. Treat grocery employees with kindness. They are working hard to provide everyone with safe access to the food and supplies they need. Be patient as they go about their work including additional cleaning protocols and consider acknowledging them with a big “thank you”.
9. Be aware of your store’s special hours or procedures. Many grocers are offering special shopping hours exclusively for seniors or other vulnerable populations. Check out your store’s website or call in advance.
10. Allow for extra time. Some stores are queuing customers outside their main entrance to reduce crowding within the store.

As we use our open spaces, parks and walking trails more,
please remember...
2020 Primary Election: Request an Absentee B allot
Voters may request an absentee ballot online  here .
Call 505-243-VOTE (8683) or via email
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#StayHome and help save lives
For assistance, please contact:
  • Metropolitan Detention Center (general inmate info): (505) 839-8700
  • Roads and traffic: (505) 848-1504 or (505) 848-1503
  • Animal Care Services: (505) 468-PETS
  • Property Maintenance (report a park or facility that needs cleanup): (505) 224-2119
  • Schedule a large item pick-up: (505) 892-1200
  • Department of Behavioral Health Services customer service: (505) 468-1555
  • Court of Wills, Estates and Probate (general info): (505) 468-1232
  • Schedule an appointment: call (505) 468-1229 or email,
  • Unclaimed & Indigent Cremation Program: (505) 468-7295
  • Accounts Payable general inquiries: (505) 468-7020
  • All other calls: (505) 468-7777 or email,

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