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Bernadette Brigade
June 2021

"O Jesus, give me I pray. . .The bread of humility, the bread of obedience, the bread of charity. The bread of strength to break my will and make it one with yours. The bread of patience to bear the pain my heart endures. The bread to see you and you alone in all things and always!” – St. Bernadette
Dearest Bernadette Brigade,
This month as we celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi, we remember that it was Bernadette’s great desire to make her First Holy Communion, her love of the Eucharist, that prompted her return to Lourdes, that then set into motion the Grace of the Message of Lourdes for all of us today.

Bernadette said,” Our Lady had prepared my soul for Jesus, and she would give me now to Him with Whom I had communed. She left heaven in my heart and it has been there ever since.” Miracle #70 mentioned below, received her miracle while in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

Our Lady always leads us to her son, Jesus. May she also prepare well our souls, that we may receive Him in love and make Him feel at home in our hearts. God bless you.

Fruit of our prayer: Our son, Jeremy was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer with metastasis to the liver. He had part of his colon removed. He is 47 yrs old with 3 young children. We are so thankful for the prayers of the Bernadette Brigade. He recently had a successful operation to reattach his colon and Praise the Lord, they could find no trace of cancer in his liver. God is Good!

Shared from our members: My brother-in-law Tim died on April 27, 2021. He had suffered many years from Lewy-Body dementia. We prayed for Tim all these years and my Lourdes Volunteers friend always took our prayer request to Lourdes for us. I felt so strongly that Mary heard our prayers. Tim spent all but two weeks with his wife. The two weeks he was at the hospital and the hospice house she was able to be with him. He always knew who we were. He looked at me 3 weeks before he died and whispered a greeting to me using my name. My sister, his wife, always had strength to keep him looking like the dignified man he was despite his disease and his weakness. I always looked at the picture of Mary in our bedroom and asked Mary to hold him and I so felt she did hold him close each and every day. Thank you Bernadette Brigade.

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We begin by making the Sign of the Cross, with all our heart, in the grotto with Our Lady and Bernadette, our friend and heavenly intercessor . . .
We pray in Thanksgiving:
  • With a grateful heart for all the blessings we have received.
  • For our donors, benefactors, and their families.
  • For the continued guidance and support of our Cardinal Protector.
We urgently pray now:
  • For the Holy Spirit’s continued guidance in our succession planning.
  • For the recording of the Lourdes Lessons pilot series. May these recordings inspire hope, healing, and a way forward to all who hear them. We pray for the editing process and best platform to share these episodes.
  • For the intentions of our Publications Committee. May the Holy Spirit continue to direct those with the talents, time and wisdom needed.  For the author, for Divine Inspiration and Grace. For the souls who will be touched by the truth, wisdom, and insights of these publications. For the meetings taking place this month with each person, from each chapter. For editing, publishing, and all that is involved. For the development of Book 2!
  • For the development of our Guadalupe House cookbook. May the content bring both spiritual and physical nourishment.
  • May the Holy Spirit inspire our Grant Committee in their research and efforts and may our Raskob International grant proposal be accepted.
  • For protection over our country. May truth bring healing and peace.
  • For a return to the sacraments in our families, our homes, and our world. 
  • For the sanctity and dignity of each person, as Jesus Christ, from conception to natural death, of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, family, and family life, and protection of all vocations.
  •  For emotional healing within the family.
  • For all at risk of losing their home or employment.
  • For the Missionaries of Charity in India, those who have passed due to COVID and who are currently suffering.
  • Protection and peace in Israel.

We pray in a special way for those who have asked us for prayers: Sr. Keith Angelee, Barbara G, Sammy T, Kristi M, Amy S, Caroline S, Lori S, Cindy B, Molly, Riley family, Maria C, Nicole EJ, William S, Carole Ann S, Nicole, Boris, Andrew C Sr, Andrew C Jr, Janet C, Ileana, John, Jane (mom) Tiffany and Sean (baby) Dan, Jeremy, Grace, Connor, Kelly K (unborn child), Fr Clayton, Luis A, Ray Sean, Henry, Maribeth C, Linda H, Fr Ed S, Roger, LaVergne, Rob (family), Ronald W, Virginia, Mrs. Murphy, Cheri (family), Tom, Peter (mom), Kathy, Joe, Joey, Johnny, Danielle, Patty, Maria (mom), Jean, Julian, Bishop Costello, Beverly, Mary Ann, Billy, Art, Trish, Lennon, Russell, Boyle, Kelly, Picoske, Carol B, Sharon, Lindsey, Daniel, Suzanne and Danny, Kala and Sean, Margaret (mother), Bertrand, Vianna, David, Gregory J, Rodney L, Franz C, Monsignor X, Dr. D, Chase M, Milo, Rita, Emily, Mike S (wife), Rona, Desmond, Lindsey (special meeting), Marc Anthony, Bill K, Steven S, Aimee, Aisling, Bernadette S, Keira W, Mary s (family), Lester S, Dale, Stephanie M, Grant V, Arlene M, David, Norma, Jim (healing/family), Vinnie, Annie (family), Larry, Mary H, Marian, Michael, Fran B, Mary Margaret M, Estella, Elsa and all who have asked for our prayers.
We continue to pray deeply for a very specific private intention, God knows.
We pray for those who have entered into eternal life: Robert B, Joan, Todd M, Jama de Los Santos, Paul R and family, Aiden, and Tim. We remember in our prayers all who have lost loved ones.
We continue our prayers:
  • For the continued financial needs of our association.
  • For our Lourdes Legacy Giving program and all called to support in this way. We are so incredibly grateful.
  • For our Stars of Mary monthly donors and program.
  • For our Bernadette Brigade.
  • To make more widely known the gift of the Apostolic Pardon.
  • For all currently affected by the Coronavirus.  Click here to read more about the indulgence available. Remembering those who have passed and their families.
  • For our Holy Father’s June prayer intention.
  • For protection over our Guadalupe House, for an angel to guard it until we return. For the keeper of the key.
  • Our Board of Directors and Office Team, for the grace to continue to live our mission within our Charism.
  • For the Holy Spirit to anoint the Rule of Life and His right order in the development of the Consecrated Widows and Consecrated Women Community.
  • For the completion and implementation of our Catechesis program, that we may fulfill our promise. We hope to launch this program very soon!
  • For our Communications and Technology Teams, in discerning new and relevant, relational, and prayerful ways to keep us connected. For inspired communications and evangelization.
  • For our continued friendship and endeavors with EWTN, the Sovereign Order of Malta and the MDM.
  • Wisdom, inspiration, and guidance as we prepare our proposal for the possible 2022 St. Bernadette relic visit to the United States and planning our 20th Anniversary celebration year.
  • In discerning our 2021 Online and in person Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage Experience, and Pilgrimage schedule.
  • For the Bishop and Diocese of Syracuse, NY.
  • For our Lourdes family and all ill religious in China. 
  • For all discerning a religious vocation.
  • For all recovering from or preparing for surgery or are suffering in any way.
  • For our members and our families in this world and the other world, in purgatory and in heaven. And all the holy souls in purgatory.
  • All the intentions each one of us holds in our hearts
  • For any intentions we may have mistakenly forgotten, we ask forgiveness. 
  • For all requests we have received in the office.
  • For world leaders.
“Remembering the Miracles of Lourdes”
One Drop and Faith

Miracle #70
Sr. Bernadette Moriau, cured July 11, 2008
Miracle recognized February 11, 2018
In 2008, Sr. Bernadette experienced her miracle while praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament. She recalled suddenly feeling an unusual sensation of warmth of her body and an interior voice asking her to remove all her devices. She was instantaneously cured.
We pray for the faith to see God’s presence and little miracles in our everyday life.
Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.
St. Bernadette, pray for us.
Choose your weapons
In addition to your daily prayers, we ask you to considering offering your present suffering, rosaries, holy hours, novenas and Mass offerings for our holy work.
Upcoming Dates of Significance:
June 3: Bernadette receives her First Holy Communion, the Feast of Corpus Christi in 1858
June 6:  Feast of Corpus Christi / Online Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage Experience at 3 pm ET
June 12: Lourdes Family Rosary 12 noon ET (led by Advance Team Volunteers and SNP Pilgrims) / Membership Mass with Fr. Andrew / Holy Hour
June 20: Father's Day
July 16: Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage Experience on EWTN with Marlene Watkins, 5 pm ET
July 17: Membership Meeting 12 noon ET
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