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Alexandra E. Till

Ethics and Professionalism: Can I Tell Clients That I 'Specialize'? 
Robert S. Bernstein, Esq., Co-Managing Partner

States have been very protective of their rights to control who says they are a specialist and when. Some states have limited rules and may have no specialties approved for advertising. Some have rules that require specialists to state that they are not certified by the state.  

The lessons are to make sure you understand the rules of your state, be very careful in your use of language describing your practices, and make sure that employees and marketing vendors understand the rules so they don't use the layman colloquialism of "specializing" when they mean "concentrating." 

Kirk  B. Burkley, Esq., Co-Managing Partner
Under what circumstances can shareholders find themselves in litigation? What are the duty of loyalty and the duty of care, and what does it mean if company leadership is in breach of these duties? These questions and more are answered in this episode of the Five Minute Legal Master Series. To view the full video, click here.
Successor Liability Actions as a Collection Tool
Nicholas D. Krawec, Esq., Partner
You have a claim or a judgment against a commercial debtor, which is purportedly out of business. However, at the same address of your debtor is a (supposedly) new corporation, with the same ownership, the same management, the same employees, engaged in the same line of business. Whatever the purported excuse, you are being led to believe that your debtor is out of business. Do you have any remedies?

A vigilant creditor need not be frustrated by a debtor closing its doors and "re-appearing" as a "new" company. There may be remedies available depending on the facts surrounding the "sale" of the debtor business. Dig into the details!

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