Business Protection Report
Is Your Data Secure?
Cyber crime has become increasingly frequent, complex and costly. In the wake of an event, would you know who to call, how to react, or what to tell your employees, customers and the media? Could your organization handle the potential financial and reputational impact of a lawsuit? What could your company be doing to better manage the risk? Take this four-part questionnaire to find out. Contact us to learn more about adding cyber liability to your current portfolio or increasing your existing cyber coverage.
Industry E&O Exposures
E&O lawsuits are one of the most important issues for small businesses to consider, as one mistake can have a devastating effect on a business. This is especially important for service-industry businesses — consultants, property managers, real estate agents, advertising firms and more — as any business offering services or advice for a fee has an exposure to E&O lawsuits. One misstep for a small business can be an extremely costly mistake; therefore, E&O coverage is imperative. Read more.
The BIG Team
The UC Health Mobile Mammogram was back at Berry Insurance Group this spring. We encourage every valued member of our team and the community to be proactive with their health and wellness!

To learn more about UC's Mobile Diagnostics or how to schedule mammogram services clic here.

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