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January, 2015

Mitsubishi Electric's MR-J4 Series Servo & Motion Controller Solution
Boosts Productivity with Speed, Safety & Performance
In motion control, speed is essential to achieve maximum machine throughput. Like its
predecessor, the MR-J4 is one of the fastest servos in the world, with a blazing 2500Hz
frequency response speed time. This feature reduces settling times to less than two milliseconds
(msec), maximizing machine performance and throughput for machine builders and end-users.

COGNEX REVS UP 2-D BARCODE READING: Read 2-D matrix and challenging DPM codes even without visible perimeters
Cognex Corporation's PowerGrid™ technology, a texture-based location algorithm that takes a unique, inside-out approach to reading 2-D matrix and Direct Part Mark (DPM) codes. While conventional feature-based algorithms start by locating the finder pattern, Cognex's PowerGrid technology looks for a pattern of alternating light and dark modules within the code.  More

Intelligent Actuator, Inc. introduces the ROBO Cylinder 4-axis Program Controller MSEL with High-Output Driver (PowerCON)

Actuators with pulse motor in the past were able to control only up to two axes at maximum with one program controller. By using MSEL, four axes will be available for control. It is also available for interpolation operation, which enhances the ways of use.  More

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