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October, 2014
Mitsubishi Electric Automation Introduces Graphic Operation Terminal with Touchscreen Capability

The GOT2000 Series, a human machine interface (HMI) that monitors and controls machine components with a graphical touchscreen. This unique technology allows operators to interact with the HMI similarly to a tablet or smartphone with intuitive gestures and multi-touch actions.

The GOT2000 acts as a seamless gateway to industrial automation devices, including programmable logic controllers (PLC), variable frequency drives, servos and temperature controllers.  More

Cognex Easy-to-Use Vision Sensor for Color Applications

"The Checker 4G7C makes verifying product color easier than ever," says Brian Nachtigall, Senior Manager and Business Unit Manager, Vision Sensors. "With Checker's proven easy-to-use interface, simply select the color to be verified and you are ready to begin inspecting parts." 

Checker 4G7C delivers 376 x 240 inspection resolution with Ethernet support for industrial protocols and high-intensity white LED illumination for the detection and inspection of parts and features at up to 800 parts per minute.  More

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IAI America Releases the RCP5 ROBO Cylinder� with a Battery-less Absolute Encoder

IAI's new battery-less absolute encoder is an absolute encoder that verifies the current position based on the interlocked gear position. On conventional absolute encoders, the current position was stored in the battery. A battery-less type is now available, which means that a battery to store data is no longer needed. The advantages are that it's more economical, battery replacement time is not required, and operations can resume with no adjustment time needed.  More

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