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2017 Berthoud Sunfest
Berthoud Sunfest follows Berthoud Day by two weeks. We change locations as this event is held in our beautiful Fickel Park located on Mountain Avenue between 6th and 7th Streets.

We hang over 100 quilts on clothes lines that we anchor to the trees in the park.  There will also be many incredible art vendor booths. Some of the art includes jewelry, leathercrafts, woodworking, pottery, metal art, knitted and embroidered items, photography and much much more.  Deadline for registering for an art booth at the lower price is this Friday, June 9. Register Here

If you would like to have your quilt displayed in the park, please get signed up. For the first 150 quilts signed up, you have a chance to win a Sew Pink Edition – Bernette Sewing Machine donated by The Presser Foot or a Baby Locke sewing machine donated by Quality Sewing. Both are located in Longmont. Deadline for entering quilts is next Friday, June 16. Sign up Here

There will be a CAR SHOW put on by the Lions Club happening on 3rd Street. For information about the car show, contact Ken at 970.218.7582 or kschwols@yahoo.com

For Volunteer opportunities at this fun event, check out this LINK.  Many hands definitely make light work. For all of the latest details, please check out our website at www.BerthoudSunfest.com

Be tuned in to everything in Berthoud 24/7!

Watch for the new FREE
Berthoud Colorado phone app
launching this summer!

We are thrilled to be initiating this app. Finally having one place to find events and activities from businesses, organizations and individuals. There will be free listings as well as paid pages with more detailed information and features.

Check for it on Apple and Android phones. 

2017 Chamber Ambassadors
Featured Ambassador of the month:
Jan Grack - Ken Grack Mobile RV Repair Service

Congratulations to Jan Grack with Ken Grack Mobile RV Repair Service for being nominated Ambassador of the month for April. Jan is very involved in the chamber and does a great job of connecting with our members. She also volunteers at most of our events. If she can't make the actual event, she helps with preparation before the event. We appreciate all you do for us.

If you have a Mobile RV and need to have anything from the roof to the underbelly worked on (except the engine), please give Jan a call at (720) 684-8086. Website

2017 Ambassadors

Debbie Schleiger,  Director of Ambassadors, Berthoud Drug
Jeff Butler , Team Butlers Real Estate
Becky Dostal,  Safeguard Business Systems
Stephanie Flanders-Martin,  We Connect Wellness & ClaudiaG Collection
Jan Grack,  Ken Grack Mobile RV Repair Service
Ken Grack,  Ken Grack Mobile RV Repair Service
Virginia Huppe, Individual Member
Maria Larsen, Primo Painting
Cindy Leach,  Town of Berthoud
Larry Leach, MainStreet Car Care & Quick Lube
Jodi Riggins, Advanced Tax & Financial Solutions
Melissa Svensen, Team Butlers Real Estate
Pete Tomassi, Tomassi Financial Planning, LLC
Wanda Zimmerman, Adams Bank & Trust
If you are INTERESTED IN BECOMING A CHAMBER AMBASSADOR and want to know more about what that entails. Check out the details. 
Business of the Month
Advanced Tax &  Financial Solutions

Congratulations to Jodi Riggins with Advanced Tax & Financial Solutions for being nominated business of the month for April. Jodi joined the chamber and jumped right in and became an Ambassador. She has been very active (even during tax season -her busiest time of the year). Jodi volunteers at lots of our events.

A large part of her practice is tax resolution (Federal and State). IRS tax resolution involves assisting clients who owe the IRS money, but simply cannot afford to pay a lump sum. If you know of someone like this, please give Jodi a call at (970) 414-7180.

Sandler Training - Intro Series

Lunch 'n' Learn Series Schedule
with Sandler Training's Ed Kerr

This is a valuable opportunity that Sandler Training is providing. You will want to come check these out. Bring your own lunch and learn information that is sure to help you and your business. 

Sandler Training is a great choice for effective sales training that focuses on reinforcement of good sales habits and building relationships to help launch you into lasting success.

Location: Berthoud Community Center,  248 Welch Avenue from 11:45 am - 1:15 pm.

New Chamber Members
Help us in Welcoming our Newest Members
The Colorado Health Foundation
Primo Painting
Calendar of Upcoming Events
Save these Dates for our Major Events
Sunfest - June 17 - Fickel Park - Outdoor Quilt Show and Art Vendors • 10 am - 4 pm
Berthoud Open Golf Tournament - August 4 - Highlands Meadows Golf Course • 9 am Tee Time
Co-ed Softball Tournament - September 16 - Bein Park • 9 am - 10 pm
Traditional German Oktoberfest - October 7 - Fickel Park • 11 am - 6 pm
Snowfest - Colorado Snow Sculpting Competition - December 13-16
Week of activities including an Artisan Market

Vendor and Sponsorship Opportunities Available More details at berthoudcolorado.com
Chamber Master Class
Are you taking full advantage of the "Enhanced" feature on Chamber Master? This is a FREE addition that we now are offering to all of our members! You don't want to miss out on this class. 

Deanne will be teaching how to make your business page more visible. Bring a lunch and a laptop or tablet. Did you know you can increase your page placement in Google?  Come see how.   Sign Up Here
Promote your Business
Bring us your business Swag

We give out between 5-15 welcome bags a month.  As a member of the BACC, you have the opportunity to have your "swag" put in these welcome bags we give to our new members at ribbon cuttings and to the new homeowners in Berthoud.

If you would like to add to our bags...please drop your business swag by the chamber office so we can make up new bags. Thank you!
Contant Contact Member Discount
Chamber members get a discount with Constant Contact. This is such a valuable asset to have. There are free webinars and classes all the time to help you get started if you have never used it before. Click below to see details.

Chamber Program
How Entrepreneurs Can Reduce Stress.
Small business owners can restore their health and sanity with these four easy stress-reduction methods.

Being an entrepreneur can be hazardous to your health. According to research from Bolt Insurance, almost half of small business owners believe that the stress of running their business has damaged their health.

This is not surprising when you consider that entrepreneurs work longer hours than almost anybody else. Two thirds of small business owners work more than 40 hours a week and fully one out of ten puts in a staggering 70 hours plus!

To make matters worse, most entrepreneurs find it difficult to take much-needed rest and relaxation. More than half are afraid to take even a full week of vacation in the summer, often because they're afraid an important client won't get good service.

Fortunately, there are four ways that entrepreneurs can reduce their stress levels and recover both their health and sanity:

1. Learn to Say "No"
When you commit to 10 percent more than you can actually accomplish, it "feels" like you've got 50 percent more, thereby creating even more stress. By not taking on more of a workload that you can reasonably carry, you create more time for meaningful activity and therefore less stress.

2. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate
Taking on more than your fair share of the responsibility for getting things done leads to fear of things "falling apart" when you take a day off. Giving more responsibility to your employees and contractors--and trusting that they'll get the job done--can take a huge weight of stress off your shoulders.

3. Track Your Time
Here's a huge secret: 90 percent of time management is simply tracking how much time you're spending on each type of task. Knowledge is power. Once you realize what's eating up your time it becomes absurdly easy to decide what's high-priority and what can be eliminated or delegated.

4. Unplug
Every entrepreneur knows that success is only possible through self-discipline. Well, here's where theory meets practice. Exercise the self-discipline to turn off your phone and computer when you're asleep and for at least two hours while you're awake. For maximum stress reduction, spend that time with friends and family.

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