Eagle Logic for Home Buyers
Realtors ask us,
"What do I tell my buyers when they ask me
if they really need to spend money on a home inspection?"

The answer is as simple as dollars and cents.

Forgoing a home inspection to save some money
up front might be appealing,
but if you don't spend a little now,
you could end up spending a lot later!

Buying a house will probably be
the most expensive purchase
you will make in a lifetime.

Once you close on your house, you own it along with its problems.
Those problems can really add up!

Average estimated costs
for a few common issues:

repairing termite damage - $3000
installing a new furnace - $4000
replacing a roof - $7000

Wouldn't you rather know if there are problems BEFORE you buy?

That's why you have a home inspection - to identify existing and potential problems and help you avoid buying a money pit.

Know the condition of the house
before you finalize the deal.

BTW: We are great with first-time home buyers!!!