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Leading to Improve – Nyland News – January 2020

Leading to Improve. News you can use to keep getting better. 
I was reminded this month – again – that we learn by doing. 
Being close to the work helps us learn more and do better. 
No plan ... survives first impact .  
Two of my articles are in the December AASA magazine:
Review: Nine Lies About Work
Nine Lies About Work by Marcus Buckingham, tells how to unlock staff potential and passion. Regular mini-check-ins help focus and adjust weekly goals for greater success. Two key questions to ask weekly ...  
Briefing Papers ... Literally Worth Their Weight in Gold!
Best Decision Tool Ever
Briefing Papers may be the best legacy I have left in each posting. They summarize options, invite feedback and build quality decisions.

Leadership Pipelines:
Seven things you can do to grow strong instructional leader pipelines.
Equity Plans in Action:
Listen in on superintendent dialogue about strengthening equity plans.
More to Read ... See:
Another dozen books and movies worth noting. Ford v. Ferrari is all about getting better!
Thanks for reading. Comments, suggestions and ideas for future blogs welcome. Best to each of you for 2020!


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