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Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy: Cooling Towers    
August heat is spotlighting the challenges Northern California faces with the drought. Brown lawns, water shortages, and increased costs and penalties for over usage of our lessening water supply. The heat also increases the use of water in cooling commercial buildings. This issue of TRENDS highlights tower challenges and dangers and provides some solutions to the concerns that cooling towers create.

Also in this issue, you can review your energy management decision making process, better understand the changing tune of office acoustics, and learn about a new easy-to-install technology that could make your building smarter and reduce operating costs.

Be sure to join us, and over 20 other local businesses, to KICK CANCER on Sept 19th. at Bonney Field and watch the Sacramento Republic Soccer Club in the last regular season match. Buy your tickets at RELENTLESSREPUBLIC650.ORG and help kick cancer.

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Cooling Tower Efficiency 
Reduce water demand, and improve energy efficiency
with a better understanding of your cooling towers. 
Cooling towers are widely used in commercial and industrial facilities. They regulate temperature by removing heat from circulating water, primarily through evaporation. By design, cooling towers use a significant amount of water. Proper and diligent management of that water can increase the efficiency and life span of the cooling tower along with reducing your operating and maintenance costs.  READ MORE  
Kick Cancer goes worldwide...

from Accra (Ghana) to Sacramento
When Dan O'Laughlin received our newsletter announcing the Kick Cancer Rally campaign a few weeks ago he was at his home in Accra, Ghana.  As a cancer survivor he wanted to join in support but the logistics of traveling the 7,600 miles to a Sacramento Republic game were challenging.  Instead, he sent our colleague and his long-time friend, Duke McAlpine, a check to buy 10 tickets on his behalf for individuals who might not otherwise be able to attend.  We are deeply touched by his gesture and reminded that the fight against cancer is universal.  Thank you Dan.
sins of facility energy management
The Seven Deadly Sins of Facility Energy Management 
Building operators and corporate real estate managers everywhere are now charged with moving their facilities toward 'best practice' levels of energy management and occupant engagement. The journey begins with understanding the energy management decision making process:  1) measure before you manage, 2) make the invisible obvious, and 3) walk before you run".   READ MORE
Managing Acoustics of
Growing Business
As hiring numbers increase, its clear that not all business owners can or want to move to a larger location. In fact, the average number of square feet per workstation has dropped dramatically in recent years and studies indicate this trend will continue.

Organizations placing more people in a small space must take great care with acoustical design. Research shows poor acoustics negatively affect employees' productivity, stress levels and morale.  READ MORE

Mesh Networked Thermostats Help Raley Field Suites Save Energy
New wireless internet-programmable thermostats are becoming an affordable alternative to the wired HVAC building controls of the past. Several types of these retrofit friendly and affordable thermostats are now available for installation in any commercial building, depending on your needs and application.

COAC recently installed the Pelican advanced thermostat in the suites at Raley Field. The Pelican controls multiple stages of heating and cooling, was easy to install and program and has all of the features you would expect from an advance thermostat.  READ MORE
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August 2015
Deadly Legionnaires Outbreak
Linked to NYC Cooling Tower
An outbreak of Legionnaires' disease - the worst in US history - has claimed 12 lives and sickened more than 120 people in the South Bronx. Officials confirmed they had traced the source of the outbreak to a contaminated cooling tower.

The key to preventing legionnaires disease is careful maintenance of the water systems in which bacteria grow, including drinking water systems, hot tubs, decorative fountains, and especially cooling towers.

Linked below are articles and information to help manage this serious health risk.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bob Plotner in our Service Division, for expert advice.

Legionella and Cooling Towers PowerPoint

Cooling Technology Institute: Best Practices for Control of Legionella  
Kick Cancer! 
The Cooper Oates Cancer Kicking Team wants you to join  us at the Sacramento Republic's final match of the regular season, Sept 19, 2015. Join over 20 other businesses that make up the Relentless Republic 650, for a great evening of passionate soccer excitement.

Tickets are $25 and include your group seat in sec. D, Rally Noise Maker, Rowdy Rally Rag, and a post game picture on the pitch. Buy your tickets today at These are the last tickets of a sold out game!
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