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Welcome to our latest newsletter. With all the warm weather we've been having it feels like Summer is already here. Let the countdown begin: 100 days until harvest 2015!

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May 2015

Best Gift Idea.

Father's Day is June 21st! Give Dad the coolest gift ever - Adopt an Asian Pear tree for him.  We'll send Dad pictures of his tree as it grows each month.  Dad will love this taste of the outdoors without having to do any yardwork.  In the Fall, we'll send Dad fruit picked right from his tree!  Click here to purchase; a Happy Father's Day gift message and free shipping is included.  


Attending weddings in June?  Not sure what to get the bride and groom who have everything? Give a memorable and one-of-kind gift: Adopt an Asian Pear tree in the happy couple's name!  


This Fall, the newlyweds will enjoy fresh Asian Pears, hand-picked from their very own tree in addition to enjoying pictures of their tree as it grows throughout the summer months. Click here to order.  Free shipping and wedding congrats included.



Baby Asian Pears

Subarashii means 'wonderful' and it is truly wonderful how many baby Asian Pears have emerged since blossom took place a few weeks ago.


The young pears, each about chickpea size, are gathered in cheerful clusters every foot or so along each branch of our trees.  The young fruit that did not make it after the blossom petals dropped, will be removed by hand making way for healthy pears to prosper during the Summer.


There's Farmers Market in my cubicle!

Pop-Up Market at your Desk

This Summer and Fall, we'll be popping-up with our pear offerings at various corporate office facilities to promote healthy eating and further awareness about local growers.


Many of you who work at corporate campuses can't easily get to local farms or farmers markets, or perhaps don't know where to locate these options.  We look forward to bringing our Asian Pear farm to your desk. 


These 'pop-ups' will be delicious opportunities to sample and purchase our Asian Pear products.  Also, a great way to pre-order fresh Asian Pears for the Fall Season.


If you'd like Subarashii Kudamono to 'pop-up' at your company's office complex...please email us.   


Taste of Kutztown

Taste of Kutztwn 2015

We look forward to this local food, wine, beer and hand-crafted goods event each year, especially because it takes place in our own backyard. This year TOK moves locations, from Main Street to the cool shade of the Community Park in Kutztown.


During the event, we'll be sampling and selling our Aged Asian Pear Wine Vinegar in addition to our dried Asian Pears and Asian Pear Spread.  We'll also be sharing with attendees info about ordering our fresh Asian Pears for the Fall.  Bonus feature during this event: we'll be sampling our Asian Pear Wine, Asian Pear Dry Wine and our brand-new, Asian Pear beer, Nashi!  


Wine will be available for sale at the Kutztown Wine & Spirits Store. The beer is available for sale by the glass at Frecon Farms' The Other Farm Brewery event tent and the Kutztown Tavern.


To learn more about this event. To purchase tickets, please click here


  BBQ Sauce with Asian Pear      

Asian Pear BBQ Sauce


Chef Terry, inspired by our Asian Pear Spread for summer fare, created a homestyle BBQ sauce.  Tangy and slightly sweet, it is delicious to slather on your poultry or pork on the grill! 


Click here to download recipe

Need a jar of our Pear Spread to make this recipe at home?  Now through the end of June, for free Ground shipping use promo code: ilovebbq




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