Best Indoor Grow!

And the winner is....


Yerba Buena is honored to be selected as Oregon's
We are inspired to work even harder to earn this recognition for years to come.

"It takes a village to raise a plant"
We are honored to be part of this movement and grateful that there are events like these to celebrate the hard work and dedication of Oregon's best. Each nominee at this event is a pioneer in this industry.  We were honored to be in the same room as many of these folks.
Everyone is a winner! 

Strain of the Month
Not just ONE but TWO Yerbafarmians will be featured speakers at the Imperious Expo in Phoenix, Arizona!

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Buena Beat
  NEW Concentrate Partnerships
We are honored to be working with Willamette Valley Alchemy, Dab Society, and OpenVape in a very exciting co-branding effort. We ensure that all our partnerships are formed with organizations and individuals that exhibit the same level of integrity of business practice and commitment to product quality as we do. All of our concentrate partners have a standard of zero residual solvents for all products, which we applaud.   
We are honored to announce that Yerba Buena will be represented by our lead cultivator, Casey Rivero, who has been selected to serve on the Technical Advisory Committee for the Research Innovation Institute (RII) .

The RII is a national cannabis-specific conservation non-profit whose mission is to promote and quantify energy and water conservation in the cannabis industry .

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will guide the development of energy and water standards for the cannabis industry and represents the cannabis industry in the US, Israel, and Holland.

The TAC serves in an advisory capacity to the Resource Innovation Institute board and will perform the following functions:
  • Curate the Cultivation Facility Best Practices Project, including weighing in on online forums and building an authoritative wiki

  • Review energy and water baseline study materials, including an RFP that will be issued to the market, selection of a vendor and release of an official report

  • Guide the development of energy and water metrics, which will drive industry standards
 We are proud to be involved in such important work!
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