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Today's Reflection:
Ms. Paige Lightner
World Languages and Science

Happy Solemnity of St. Joseph!
Today's Gospel provides a glimpse into the life of St. Joseph, the humble spouse of Mary and father to Jesus.
Think of the shock Joseph experienced upon hearing that his virgin wife was pregnant the Savior of the world. Joseph must have experienced incredible fear and feelings of unworthiness. He was an ordinary carpenter, and now he was being tasked to take part in the raising of Christ.

When I first read this gospel I was upset with Joseph - how could he think of leaving Mary alone during her pregnancy? Upon reflection, Joseph becomes an example of what we, who are stained with original sin, can strive to be.
There are so many times when I feel that I cannot do what the Lord is asking me to do. Then I contemplate the life of St. Joseph. He serves as the ultimate model for us in these situations where we feel unworthy and incompetent. He unites his will with the will of God and humbly serves Jesus and Mary.
St. Joseph, help us to humbly serve as you served. Amen. 
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