Today's Readings

Reading 1:  Isaiah 49:8-15
Responsorial Psalm: Pslams 145:8-9, 13-14, 17-18
Gospel: John 5:17-30
Today's Reflection:
Mrs. Colleen McGowan
Catholic Theology
Isaiah 49:8-15

Since I'm a big believer in "Everything happens for a reason," the reading I volunteered for weeks ago is so appropriate for me to reflect upon today.

My 6th grade read about and discussed the conquering nations of the Israelites and their return to Jerusalem. In exile the Israelites lives were difficult to say the least. They felt that God had forgotten them but they were wrong!

He never forgot them, as he states," A mother can not forget her infant or child in the womb."

In our darkest moments God does not forget us, his love for us is unchanging.  At times we may think  he is not  there for us but he's truly always present and will never abandon us.

John 5:17-30

In this Gospel, the Jews persecuted Jesus because He healed a man on the Sabbath. They felt that He was going against Jewish law.

His response to the people was, "My Father is at work until now, so I am at work." 

The Father is acting through Jesus and Jesus has the same powers over life and death. We are to know and understand that the Father is acting in Jesus and through Him. Jesus explained this to the Jews who wanted to persecute him. We too must understand that Jesus is God's Word and we should trust in the Lord.
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