Today's Readings

Reading 1: Exodus  32:7-14
Responsorial Psalm: Pslams 106:19-20, 21-22, 23
Gospel: John 5:31-47
Today's Reflection:
Zach Mehl
JP2 '16

In today's Gospel reading, John describes the defense Jesus makes to the Jews on his divinity as the Son of God. The Jewish legal system required two or three witnesses testify on the behalf of the accused, so Jesus refers to the testimonies of John, his own works, God the Father and scripture.

John's testimony was one accepted by the Jews but Jesus tells them that his own testimony, that is shown through his divine works, is greater than that of John because it is above that of human testimony. He also refers to the testimony of his Father, God and tells the Jews that if they spend all their time looking solely at scripture for eternal life that they will never find it, because even scripture testifies to the coming of the Son of God.

Rather than accept Jesus as he who is clearly the Son of God, the Jews look to their own traditions and scripture expecting that a different individual will come in the future and be their savior. Despite the Jews refusal to accept his testimony, Jesus still tells them that he will forgive them and not accuse them before his Father. However he says, Moses will accuse them because Moses wrote about Jesus, and for them to believe in Moses and his writings but not Jesus is hypocritical.

Where do we ultimately place our faith?

Do we believe in Christ as He was and is, or are we so focused on our own desires that we have distorted Him to our own wants? Are we like the Jews, in denial of Jesus and demanding of more evidence of His divinity?

This Lenten season we are called to be like John, and testify on the behalf of Jesus's divinity to all who doubt him in the same way that he testifies on the behalf of all in front of God. Imitating the behavior of Jesus as an advocate brings us one step closer to full understanding of the limitless forgiveness and love that Jesus and God have for us.
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