ENewsletter - Apr/May/June 2021
Best Mobile Marketing Apps for 2021
Do you use these marketing apps to manage your business or department? Whether you're managing social media for a business or personally, so much more can be done from your phone now:

  • Hootsuite: Social media management tool that allows you to schedule posts to LinkedIn company pages and personal profiles, Facebook company pages and Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

  • Buffer: Social media scheduling, including analytics. Schedule posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Facebook Pages: While you can make changes to Facebook company pages directly from your Facebook settings, all of the functions don't always work well. For instance, changing a cover photo on mobile frequently gets an error message. Works much better in the Facebook pages app. This free app lets you post, comment, replace images, like and track statistics - for multiple pages.

  • Facebook Ads Manager: Manage Facebook and Instagram ads from your phone. You can create, track and edit campaigns as well as receive notifications.

  • Grammarly Keyboard: Can't spell? Grammerly Keyboard has your back! Use this special keyboard to have poor grammar or misspellings removed and/or corrected.

  • Google Analytics: You may be familiar with Google Analytics for your website on your PC or laptop; you can now monitor all of your website analytics from your phone. This free app lets you see who's visiting your site and for how long, which pages they visit, which content they click on - all valuable information for future planning.

  • Canva: This mobile app lets you create any kind of graphic, all from your phone. Posting images to social media platforms? Canva features a full editor, video maker & editor, logo maker, Instagram story maker and more. Create cover images and banners for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest - all from your phone.

Our smart phones (and those who build apps) are getting smarter! So much can be managed from a smartphone now. It's easy to do a search for what you want to accomplish: there's probably an app for that!
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