Best Offer Christmas Doodles & Upcoming Aussiepoo/Goberian Pups
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December 20th, 2015
Happy Holidays to all!

Best from Sheron and the Pack at XANADU of the Rockies

Here's the news:

  • Make-an-Offer-Day for Cockapoo Stocking Stuffers
  • Breeding for April-ready-for-new-homes Aussiepoo litter 
  • Breeding for April-ready Goberian Litter

If you are interested in our litter below (and do see the photos!), email me at

More information, along with a link for deposits, can be found at our website:

Available Puppies ( See more HERE)

Write if you need any more information about these sweet Christmas pups. We’ve had a huge and unrealized advertising problem. Our best pups are still available—wow!

I’ll accept best-offers through this evening and let you know who gets a puppy tomorrow.

Of course, you are welcome to call/email with any questions.


He could be a one-litter Guardian; he’s so darned cute!

Angel (Male)


Our Guardian Girl

Christmas Star

Upcoming Litters ( See more HERE)

Myrrh (her final litter) and blue-eyed Nimbus have been bred for an April-ready Mini-Aussiepoo litter. Aussiepoos are active little dogs, “Velcro” dogs that like to stick to you and your family rather than wander. We should have some blue merles, but don’t know about blue eyes.


Finally—and there is a lot of info. for you here—About our upcoming litter of larger Goberians; YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED WHEN/IF THIS PREGNANCY IS CONFIRMED. If you are interested in a standard-sized Goberian or a mini, please read on…

This litter will be of our "larger" sized Goberians. Expected adult weight (say at two or three years of age) to be between 55-70 pounds or so. The Standards are 45-55 pounds, and the "Minis" are about 35 pounds. We will breed for all three sizes between now and June. 

The dam of this litter is a big, red girl who is out of a big black and white and a gold. Grandparents on the mother's side were red-gold with and a tri-color (gorgeous) male. We expect strong-boned puppies from the dam's lineage--and that's what you want in a BIG sled dog. You also expect sound genetics, and that's the case here. Dam-side genetic background (hips, for example) are "good" and "excellent"; other testing is "clear" and "normal." There are no known problems in the lineage, if there were--even yet-untestable problems, XANADU would not breed.

The sire is Nanuk, an experienced and older AKC Siberian Husky--an outside stud. There are a couple of breeds out there that are seldom tested, because genetics are so very amazing. Consider the Dingo, the North Carolina version of the Dingo, the Pomeranian, and the Siberian Husky. There is seldom anything wrong with these breeds that require genetic testing. I've seen problems in, for example, Salukis, that would disqualify them from breeding in my program, but still, the breed has the best hips in dogdom and seldom has an eyesight problem. While it is hard to find a Saluki stud anyhow, hips are not always tested. The Siberian Husky is one of those "no problem" breeds. Seldom are "recommended tests" performed, and the only recommended tests are hip and eye. I've never known a Siberian that did not test either "Good" or "Excellent" in those tests. AKC Nanuk is an older stud now. He was to be neutered last year, but many of us begged that the owner wait. And she did. The nice thing about ANY older stud (who still has a great sperm count and produces great pups) is that we know that any problems in genetics would have manifested or begun to manifest by now. Nanuk displays no problems, AND he has not been tested. Neither have ANY problems been discovered in his lineage, his siblings or his pups. ALL of his puppies (and I've seen a former litter) are gorgeous. I mention all of this, because Nanuk has not been tested, and testing is something XANADU requires in Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Poodles, etc., etc.--in breeds that typically have eye, hip, patella, skin, etc., etc. problems. All puppies from this pair are absolutely GUARANTEED for sound genetics, great health, AND great temperaments.

THIS is the only "BIG-Goberian" litter expected in 2016. There should be another in 2017. Other 2016 litters will be standard-size as adults (50 pounds or 55 or so). AND there will be small (as adults) breedings of adult-size 35-pound dogs. We expect (hope, hope, hope for) five litters in 2016.

Although this is mentioned in the attached or in-line text document regarding Goberian characteristics and pricing, etc. document, I repeat, "Any puppy that has not been sold from any XANADU litter by the time it is 10-weeks old will be greatly discounted. We want each puppy to find a home during its developmental stages of socialization/bonding. Getting my price for all puppies is not my primary goal. 


We always hope for blue eyes, and they are the most expensive--unless, of course, you get a Guardian male or female. Guardians are only $700 with a very limited breeding agreement. And they are my "best" according to characteristics for which I breed.

Litter Picks, male and female, are often next and somewhere around $2500, but that also depends on the investment in the litter (stud fees and vet-assisted breedings) and the number of puppies in a litter, which makes sense when you think about it. 

Big litters of 6-10 pups and my owning both sire and dam--ah, those litters will be less expensive--maybe $2000, for blue-eyed puppies.

Brown-eyed puppies cost less, and are just as sweet, smart, healthy, etc., and some people prefer them. And I do breed for blue eyes, just because they are so popular, AND because XANADU and most kennels have more brown-eyed dogs; I aim for variety: green, blue, brown, and bi-eyed.

Some pups (and fantastic brown-eyed puppies) will be $1500. I wish I could be more precise, but it'll be hard to price these little guys (really) until they are some three weeks old or so.

If you live in CO/nearby, and if you can, I'd take a look at the gorgeous Guardians that will become available. Write for more information about our Guardian program. 

Whatever you pay for your pup anywhere--that price will be the least of expenses over the lifetime of your having a new family member. XANADU breeds for longevity, as well as genetic excellence, great health, intelligence, vanity considerations, and above everything else, temperament.

Do make a confident decision before purchasing any puppy; as noted on our website, deposits/payments are not refundable, although roll-over-able. Please check to see that no one in your home has serious dog allergies (these pups are all expected to be no-shed). Also, if you are purchasing a pup for someone else, please include that person in the decision-making. Having one’s own dog is a very personal decision. And if you have a landlord who needs to approve your having a dog, please get advance approval before asking that XANADU hold a pup for you. ALL XANADU Pups are available to forever homes.

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