Good morning,

Many across the country are struggling as re-opening plans are rolled back and coronavirus cases continue to surge. For family caregivers of those living with dementia, the stress and challenges are compounding as quarantine stretches on.

Now, more than ever, the proven programs in Best Practice Caregiving (BPC) could make a world of difference for those caregivers.

If your organization serves dementia caregivers, check out the BPC database to find a program that fits your mission and client needs. Better still, share it with your peer organizations who also serve this population.  

In this issue, we share 9 programs that can be delivered remotely (telephone or online) to specific caregiver populations. These programs offer a way for organizations to deliver needed support while protecting the health and safety of their clients. We also give you a deep dive into the research component of the database, which offers a first-of-its-kind view and access to the evidence base for each program.

We wish you well during these challenging times and thank you for all your do to support those in our communities.


The Best Practice Caregiving Team