Best Practices to Protect Your Facility
As many facilities are having to reduce operating hours or temporarily cease operations, it is important to still maintain your building’s environment as well as your bottom line. When you return to full capacity at your building the reassurance of improved air quality and facility safety is a must.

Our technical experts highly recommend the following procedures when buildings are closed or minimally staffed:
  1. Keep HVAC systems running. Even if buildings are unoccupied, insufficient temperature and humidity control can lead to mold growth.
  2. Reprogram standalone programable thermostats and adjust BAS/DDC temperature setpoints and occupancy schedules to avoid unnecessary spend.
  3. Maintain a temperature between 55 and 80 degrees and a maximum humidity of 60%.
  4. Use high-efficiency filters; preferably MERV 13.
  5. Clean air ducts and coils.
  6. Perform any preventive maintenance now (HVAC, power, and lighting assets) while buildings are unoccupied.
  7. Exercise your emergency backup power systems to ensure uptime when needed.
  8. Augment staff for increased connectivity to suppliers and reduction of potential downtime.

For additional ways to improve your facility and reduce costs, contact us! We stand ready to help our clients through this pandemic.