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& FREE Pilates this Saturday 5/4 
April, 2013 - Vol 13, Issue 4
ALMOST Too Good To Be True Specials

The best prices we offer all year will be available this Saturday by clicking HERE.
Limited amounts of each special are available.  Once they are gone, they are gone.   
FREE Pilates This Saturday 5/4
In memory of Joe Pilates, every year on the first Saturday in May, we celebrate Pilates Day!  This year we are offering 

60 FREE Lessons

Here's how it works.  We have 30 time slots available for you to choose from and the great news is you get to bring a friend!  These slots are sure to go quickly so submit your request as soon as possible.  A drawing will be held with 3 Amazing Prizes including a $1000 Pilates package and a Pilates party for 12.  With 30:1 odds, you have an excellent chance to win! 

Please click HERE to submit your name and your friend's name. 

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Katrina & Larry Foe
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