Severe windstorms — Santa Anas — triggered power outages in Los Angeles over Thanksgiving and into the weekend, delaying distribution of this newsletter update.
A personal note from BRR founder, Helena Kriel 

Dear Donors,
We have a beautiful announcement, that is perfect for Thanksgiving, a day to be grateful. 

Seha is going home, into the wild! 

After an incredible 4-month campaign, we raised the funds to buy two females to accompany him, so he can have company and breed.

We have just received confirmation that our number one choice as a destination for him has confirmed
Seha is going into the Waterberg to the big 5 game reserve Marataba!

This is truly a paradise of mountains and water, the wind in the grasses, the low grunt of the lion, the eagle’s high call.  


After six years and 30 operations,what a relief for this incredible creature, who has gone through such hell, to step back into everything that will feel like home.

From Paddock to Paradise!
Seha will soon walk into the beauty and freedom of Marataba!
None of this would have been
possible without YOU!

Mid-January Seha will be transported to Marataba. We will follow him every step of the way and bring you the news. 

Yes, Seha is just one rhino, but he is the most injured of all rhinos; his is the face of poaching.

Seha is the embodiment of everything that humanity is capable of in pure darkness.

AND everything that humans can do working with pure light.
I also, as founder, want to extend a deep thank you to the invisible people who work so passionately at BRR.

In our virtual world office, these are people who give countless hours of their time. They take no fame or money. They ask for nothing for themselves! They just think, create, imagine, make things happen and give. 

What a gift to have these extraordinary people working for rhinos. A very big debt of gratitude goes to (in no particular order):

• Carla Melucci
• Helen Lunn
• Kelly Weatherman
• Chris Weatherman
• Brian Weatherman
• Chané Smit
• David Walker 

Remarkable individuals, all. Truly we are coming together, from around the world. We are making miracles happen. 
A Happy Thanksgiving to you, our donors and friends. Happy Thanksgiving to the great spirits that make up Baby Rhino Rescue. How truly festive to be able to celebrate such good things! 

This email would have gone out Thursday, but wild wind storms in Los Angeles led to  power outages and no internet.

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