From: SWHVCA Board of Directors

New Rate for waste service provider in South Woodland Hills

South Woodland Hills Village Community Association recently renewed a contract with Best Trash to provide trash collection and recycling services for our neighborhood. Best Trash has been our waste service provider since 2013. Recent inflation based adjustments and market factors will change the future monthly billed amount to residents to $19.50 per month. This rate takes effect for service starting July 1, 2019.
Your board looked at several options including changing levels of service and alternate providers. The board found continuing with Best Trash and the current service options to be the best value at this time. The largest provider in the United States, Waste Management, is leaving the individually billed residential business in the Kingwood area. This has led to several villages recently contracting with alternate providers as their contracts expired.
The macro trends confronting the recycling business has prompted SWHVCA to seek options with recycling services. The board plans to seek residents’ input regarding recycling options on the Fall 2019 annual meeting ballot every homeowner receives in the mail. If you have questions concerning this matter please attend the next homeowner’s association meeting on July 8, 2019 at 7:00 pm at the South Woodland Hills community room at 2030 Shadow Rock Drive.  

Best Trash South Woodland Hills service details: http://www.southwoodlandhills.org/editor_upload/File/best_trash.pdf

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