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January 2016
Our December issue is normally our "Best of" collection in which we revisit our most popular blog entries from the concluding year. Last month we decided to postpone that issue in favor of focusing on a more timely topic, so here at last is our "Best of 2015" collection.



Jonah Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner

5. You Are Not Tom Brady
When an athlete retires and suddenly the incentive for restriction ends, how will he deal with previously-taboo foods? This is akin to children who grow up in rigid eating environments with strict rules regarding quantities and/or forbidden foods, and then they go off to college and binge on late-night pizza delivery and all-you-can-eat soft serve in the dining hall. Read More  
4. "Real" Science
The thing that bothers me most about this article is how it completely misses the point of what intuitive eating is all about, which is eating in a way that promotes one's health, not in a way that is meant to result in weight loss. Read More  
3. Celebrity Diets
Consider Mark Texiera's teammate, CC Sabathia, who lost a bunch of weight (temporarily, at least) after adopting a low-carbohydrate diet a couple of years ago. His diet and its associated weight loss got plenty of media attention back then, but hardly anybody seems to be talking about it now. Perhaps ESPN would have asked Sabathia about his diet at the All-Star Game if he was invited to be there, but as it turns out, he is in the midst of the second worst statistical season of his 15-year career, both of which have come after he went low-carb. Read More  
2. Beginning to See the Light
American dieters who follow this "safe" weight-loss program consume a level of nutrition so inadequate that if they were eating this little and living in a different region of the world, the United Nations would be sending cargo ships full of food to help them. When is Bob Geldof going to organize a star-studded benefit concert for dieters?  Read More  
1. Weight Watchers
For 52 years, Weight Watchers has deceived you by knowingly overstating the efficacy of their programs and blaming you for their own failures, all at the expense of your time, money, and health. Do you really want to bet your resources and well-being that the outcome will be any different this time around? You deserve more than smoke and mirrors, don't you? Read More  
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"Looking the Part"
On July 19, 2015, Jonah was part of a two-member panel at the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) Conference in Boston discussing motivational interviewing. His specific task was to examine the size-based biases that patients often hold toward their practitioners and how best to respond to them using motivational interviewing techniques. 
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