A Photographic Journey Through Our Clients Triumphs in 2023

Will your project make it into the 2024 year in review?

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Customer: Insomniac

Event: Electric Daisy Carnival 25th Anniversary

Product: Truss Covers

The custom-designed 20.5” arch box trusses were showcased at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, Nevada at the EDC 25th Anniversary Event. These trusses were adorned with hook and loop truss covers, featuring a black internal liner, with a custom golden marble print. This elegant design was specifically created for the VIP entrance, adding a touch of sophistication and exclusivity to the event.

Customer: Event Design New York

Event: Association of National Advertisers 2023 Conference

Product: Custom Borderless System, Stage Set

To construct this immersive experience at the ANA 2023 Conference in Orlando, Florida, a series of Borderless Projection Screens were meticulously crafted. This included two rectangular screens for the wings at 48’ x 24’, and a series of 8’ x 24’ right triangles for the central area. Additionally, a third 48’ x 24’ screen served as the backdrop in the center. Some of the right triangles were suspended from above, while others were supported on the ground, strategically layered to seamlessly draw the viewer’s gaze towards the central screen.

Customer: CSM Production

Event: NFL Super Bowl

Product: Custom Arch

We made that custom arch frame for the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. CSM re-used the frame and had us create a new printed cover with the Home Depot graphics.

Customer: Maritime Creative

Event: The National AfterSchool Association 2023 Convention

Product: Custom Borderless System, Stage Set

At this event, the client asked for concave and convex curved ends with a center focus. Surfaces were built in several parts. Each consisted of a large rectangular frame with modular ends that bracketed together to form the larger units. Once the frame system was assembled, a singular skin was applied to reduce the amount of seams.

Customer: ASV Inc.

Event: Lexus Culinary Classic

Product: Truss Banner

Looking to make an impact upon arrival, ASV utilized a custom truss structure for the entrance way guiding the attendees into the event. Leveraging the Truss Banner with rich dye sublimation printing and internal black liner, ASV created a clean and memorable solution for the client.

Customer: Las Vegas Entertainment Productions

Event: Las Vegas Raiders National Football League Home Games

Product: Truss Banner

This setup has been consistently used at all the Home Raider Games in Vegas for this season. We've implemented extensive repeated branding to ensure the event presents a bold, unified appearance. The team colors are prominently featured throughout, creating a striking impact that extends even to the shade structure areas.

Customer: Elemento L2

Event: Target USA Cup

Product: Shade Structure

Target USA CUP is the greatest soccer experience in the world with 1,200+ teams together to open up the tournament. Teams from all over the world play one another, trade pins, go to player dances, and march in their team colors in front of thousands of cheering fans! The two large shade structures were made from our new outdoor fabric which is the first true stretch fabric engineered specifically for outdoor special event usage, safety, durability, and all-weather performance. The structures were able to provide an aesthetic element while providing teams relief from the sun and hot temperatures.

Customer: Maritime Creative

Event: Home Franchise Concepts Conference

Product: Boarderless Projection Screen

Our skilled design team collaborated closely with Maritime Creative to successfully execute this distinctive installation.

We created custom hook and loop (Velcro) panels, each fitted with black liners, specifically tailored to the client's needs. They constructed a bespoke frame, and we crafted the panels to match their precise specifications.

Customer: Luxe Productions

Event: Luxe Productions Internal Meetings

Product: Custom Shape Borderless Projection Screens with White Lined Covers, Stage Set

Luxe Productions required a stage set with strong branding for their internal meetings. They used borderless projection screens, which allowed them to display their brand messaging on custom-shaped screens. This versatile setup enabled them to repurpose the screens for various meetings.

Customer: Distrikt

Event: Burning Man

Product: Custom Shade Structure

This massive structure weathered the Playa wind and rain like a champ last year using our new industry-defining outdoor stretch fabric. An icon at the event, people flocked to enjoy great music in the shade of this unique shade structure. Anchored conscientiously for a temporary installation into the sensitive environment, this still handled the sun and rain like no other.

Happy New Year from all of us at Stretch Shapes!

We're excited to step into 2024 with you and look forward to continuing to serve your needs with creativity and excellence. Here's to a year of great possibilities and successful collaborations!

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