eUpdate - March 20, 2020 
Best Way to Help Others Now: Give a Call
Reach out by telephone to check needs, break social isolation

As we near the end of the first week under the stay-at-home order, I'm heartened to see the outpouring of individuals who want to help others. My office gets calls and emails everyday  from people looking for volunteer opportunities.

Some key organizations looking for volunteers are listed below. And we will continue to update this list.

Meanwhile, there is one simple, powerful way we can all help now. 

Do you know at-risk people who are isolated at home? 

Call them.  

Check in by phone with at-risk friends, family, loved ones, congregants and colleagues. This is an effective way to see what help they may need, and to break social isolation. This common sense advice is backed by health professionals working directly with at-risk populations. 

In fact, as we all shelter-at-home, it's a good idea to make regular calls even to people who aren't at high risk.

Social isolation is stressful.

Even a brief check-in call can go a long way to help.

I hope you'll join me and many others in making a few phone calls this weekend to friends and loved ones. Even if it's someone you haven't talked to in a long time or don't know that well, reach out.

Thanks for everyone's dedication and help, including my hardworking staff, first responders, health and social service workers, and city and county employees who are working hard to keep the essential functions of government running.  You are all making a positive difference in these very difficult times. 
Thanks to all of our communities. Everyone is showing strength. We'll get through this together!
Volunteer Opportunities - needing help now

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