"IMAGES" Photographic Art Gallery
Newsletter September 2023
Dear friends,
Welcome to my monthly "PHOTOBLOG" newsletter, which I have been publishing for several years and have enjoyed sending to friends and clients in order to keep them informed of my current photographic interests, new works, upcoming exhibits and other Gallery events.
A new "subject" is at the center of each Newsletter, with which I present a short series of pertinent images along with any needed description and details, in order to allow my viewers to become more actively part of the discussion.
Most of the imagery displayed will be eventually on view at "IMAGES" Art Gallery, 14406 Detroit Rd., and I would be very happy to extend to all an invitation to contact us so that a personal time for a visit could be conveniently arranged.
Any of these and other images could be custom printed/framed and become part of your art collection, based on your specifications and desires.
Over the years my recipients list has gradually grown, thanks to your interest and support, and I encourage you to share this "PHOTOBLOG" with friends and art lovers in your circles.
More of my photography on view at
A sincere "thank you" for your interested attention,
Marcello Mellino.
Why "Moving on!"??

By the time you will have received and, hopefully, looked at this month Photoblog, the ink should be dry on a new lease I have secured for the future home of "IMAGES Art Gallery", soon to be located at the very heart of the Cleveland Art scene... the West 78th Studios, where so many preeminent galleries and artist studios are found. This amazing complex is one of the largest, if not THE largest, art concentration in Ohio, attracting thousands of visitors every month to its well known monthly and special events, thus clearly providing my Gallery with a wonderful opportunity to reach a much wider and well informed audience. The process will take a while to be completed, and I will certainly keep you well informed. however I cannot deny the excitement and the anticipation now settling slowly in!
As always, thank you for your support and interest, hoping to see many of you at our new "home" sometimes in October...
My son Benjamin, who lives in Rhode Island, had recently asked me to create a series of large B&W framed prints for his new office; I went to work and initially created a series of images from CLE., Italy, Florida and Rhode Island from which to choose...all the pictures featured in my September Photoblog are part of this work, and I thought it would be fun to share them with my blog recipients as well.
Hope everyone will enjoy these as much as I have!
As always, thanks for viewing my work and for your always appreciated input!
The CLE skyline as seen from Edgewater Park, along with several Italian images from Rome, Venezia but also from small mostly unknown villages I really enjoy visiting when in Italy.
Above, several CLE. views, and the Naples pier, unfortunately again severely damaged by last year hurricane.
Florida pelicans looking for lunch, while resting on an old pier: their fishing skills are always so amazing to watch, while walking the wonderful sandy beaches of the Gulf!
Below, an unusual rendition of Public Square, indeed one of my favorites; the last image, below, is from a very quiet inlet in Rhode Island, where small local fishermen dock their small vessels once back from their nocturnal outings.
"IMAGES" Photographic Art Gallery is currently open at its Lakewood location, where many of you have visited over the years; a very enjoyable collection of "SUMMER" images is on display, along with several vintage/antique prints and paintings, all part of the Gallery inventory.
We encourage you to stop by for a visit at your convenience, perhaps first making sure that I am there...
Happy end of Summer!