~ Besting Winter Blahs!  
Winter... the name comes from an old Germanic word that means
"time of water" and refers to rain and snow. In these cold months,
when we are not afforded abundant daylight and when the blues can run
rampant, it would behoove us to take extra care of ourselves. 
Get outdoors in sunlight as often as possible! We're already lacking
Vitamin D as it is. Taking advantage of fun mobile activities makes it
pretty easy... skiing Mount Peter in Warwick or hitting the bike path
in Ramsey for a brisk walk are a couple of my favorites.
Good eating takes on a whole new meaning during the Winter. It's so easy to be tantalized by ample amounts of comfort foods and treats. So this is when I opt mostly for hot hearty soups to fortify my wellbeing... and cozying up with hot cocoa made from fine dark chocolate as a health-giving treat. And let me not forget my love for carrying a thermos with hot teas on every outing. My go to? Ginger & Lemon tea!
Another very satisfying way I stave off wintry blahs is by adorning my home seasonally yet simply. I have a very dear friend who I've known for many years who inspires me with low-maintenance and truly gratifying decor ideas...
Echoing the great outdoors in!
Meet Gloria B. Collins, floral designer, gardener, artist, photographer, and community builder. Her blog, by the same name, is where she shares her approach to living well, mindfully, and full of spirit.

I chatted with Gloria on creative ways to decorate with what reflects
the season. And... I would be remiss not to mention, she does so elegantly
without squandering precious time and money. Gloria calls it holistic decorating. 

So where to start?
Gloria enlightens... If you own a home, chances are there's an abundance
of ornamentation right in your own backyard. Seek out clippings from
indigenous plants such as evergreens... gather moss-covered branches,
pine cones, and fallen nuts. Pairing these with seasonal fruit like oranges, pomegranates, and cranberries bring a freshness and sweetness of the season
to mantels, shelves, and countertops. It goes without saying, adding
poinsettias and amaryllis brings an elevating hue to any spot in a home.
And, as Gloria says, it's truly all about cozying up rather than cluttering up.  

Another way to lift up your spirits is by lifting up the spirits of indoor plants!
Gloria offers the following:  
  • Add pebbles to the saucers of each pot to improve the humidity levels of your plants.
  • Set up indoor grow lights if you don't have enough natural sunlight in your home.
  • Plant your winter indoor bulbs such as paperwhites and amaryllis.
Let's not forget how simple organizing can help not only declutter our
physical space but declutter our headspace! 
  • Sharpen and clean all of your garden tools.
  • Clean and organize all pots so that they are ready to use when your seeds arrive.

Gloria is also a big proponent of creating moments to... well... create!
A fantastic & fun way to combat winter blahs!
Are you cringing right now at the thought of trying your hand because
you feel you don't have a creative bone in your body?
Don't fret... I know the feeling... but nothing feels so freeing as literally
playing with color! The trick... go in without expectations and begin
with the mindset that there are no mistakes in art!
As Gloria says, "It's art for joy's sake."
Lay out your crayons, colored pencils, or watercolors, and if you find yourself staring a long while at a blank canvas, check out Gloria's blog article -
I'm really excited to share that Gloria will soon offer sketch workshops!
Note, she was recently featured as a floral designer/illustrator in the Winter 2019 edition of the online Season Living Magazine for designers. 
"When we genuinely understand and accept
this uncomplicated and straightforward truth
about how precious life is, our approach to living
becomes willfully rooted in creating beauty in everything we do." ~ Gloria B. Collins
Visit Gloria at www.gloriabcollins.com for inspiration! I highly recommend subscribing to her newsletter!  
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