Dear Bet Torah Family,

We are all living in an unprecedented time. Most of us are being asked to stay at home, while some of us being asked to risk our health to not stay at home. All of us are being asked, and in some cases required, to keep away from others -- even when those we love may need us most or when we may need them. We are all asked to do our part and take extreme measures to reduce the spread of this virus, and yet some of us are confused by these new rules while others are keenly aware of the dangers this virus can pose.
As we all navigate these unusual circumstances, we want you to know Bet Torah is here for you. We are here to listen to your needs, and we are here to offer some solace. We are here to help normalize life just a bit, and we are here to help create a new normal. We hope we can provide a bit of fun for some, a connection to faith for others, and inspiration for all.
New! Share Passover Virtually – Join our Bet Torah Seder next Wednesday, April 8. Sign up so we know who to expect, and let’s embrace this Passover together! Click here for more information to order a Kosher for Passover meal and/or Seder plate from Rene Leon – first come, first served.
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Volunteer Within the Bet Torah Community
1.       Congregant Phone Calls. We are working hard to keep in touch with every Bet Torah member. Volunteers are calling to offer conversation and care as appropriate. Please let us know If you can help us keep in touch with our members. Please contact Elaine Merker ( ) or Marlene Frank ( )   if you can help us make phone calls, especially to some of our members who are isolated or ill. Please note, we have created scripts to help anyone who is concerned about not knowing what to say to those individuals they call. We will help you help others! Please also let us know of any members who may appreciate a call.

2.       Shabbat Meal Deliveries. Bet Torah volunteers are delivering Kosher Shabbat meals cooked by Rene Leon directly to members who are ill, isolated or otherwise in need. This week’s meals are Kosher for Passover and all are paid for by donations from our wonderful members. Please help us continue this effort , especially as the needs of our community are expected to grow.  If you are in need or know someone in need, please contact the caring committee . If you can help deliver Shabbat meals on Friday afternoons, please contact us here .  If you wish to donate to help pay for the meals, please contact us here . Please note, we have established strict safety and health conscious protocols to keep all of us – donors and recipients – safe.

3.       Youth Activities. Visit our Bet Torah website to see fun activities for young children and families, older children and teens. Participate in the Club 45 Weekly Photo Challenge and send in your photo by Friday, April 3!
  Be a Part of Something Larger
1.       Global Gathering for Healing. J oin clergy and musicians from around the world this Sunday, April 5, at 12 pm (7 pm Jerusalem time) for a Global Gathering of Healing . We will come together in hope and inspiration as we prepare for a Passover different from any we have experienced before.

2.       Appreciate our Health Care Workers. Pause at 7 pm every night for a moment of appreciation for our health care workers.  Thank all those who are doing so much to help and are risking themselves to do so with applause, cheers or prayer .

 Help people outside of Bet Torah
1.       Donate blood. Click here to view NYBC donor center locations and hours and also click here if you have any questions regarding COVID-19 and donating blood.

2.       Donate food. Both the Mount Kisco Interfaith Food Pantry and the Community Center of Northern Westchester are in need. Visit our Remote Community and click on Social action. Contact Michele Posner for more information .
1.       Lifelong (Adult) Learning – Visit our Bet Torah website f or all virtual classes. Here are a few to consider this week:
  • Thursday, April 2 -- How to Plan a Remote Seder – 8– 9 pm. A conversation and practical tips with Rabbi Brusso, Rabbi Sacks and Gina Fass. Zoom link:
  • Thursday, April 2 -- Great Jewish Books Club. 8 pm. Discussing the first three chapters of Joseph Telushkin’s “Jewish Humor” (available by mail, Kindle or Nook). Zoom link:
  • Friday, April 3 -- Women’s Torah Study – 10– 11:30 am. Check out what you’ve been missing. Newcomers welcome. Tsav is this week’s Torah reading. Zoom link:

2.       Nursery School, Kulanu and Teen Learning Community (TLC)
  • Visit our Bet Torah website to view all virtual learning opportunities for children, teens and families. Join us for morning meetings, sing-alongs and activities for very young children, group and individual classes for older children and teens.
3.      B’nai Mitzvah
  • We recognize the uncertainty faced by our current B’nai Mitzvah families. Thank you for your continued patience as we contact each family individually to discuss options. As we navigate the possibilities together, we thank you for the understanding and cooperation you have offered.
  • Students will continue their individual tutoring with Nili Ionascu, Cantor Herman and Rabbi Brusso as scheduled. These private lessons will be conducted virtually. Please call Nili at (914) 924-1644 if you need to reschedule or need further information regarding your child’s lessons.
1.       Daily Virtual Minyan
  • Virtual Minyan is held twice daily most days: Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. and 7:30 pm; Sunday morning, 9 am. Visit our Remote Worship and click on the day and time of the minyan service you are attending.

2.       Shabbat -- Watch for our “Into Shabbat” email tomorrow, Thursday, April 2, for more Shabbat information.
  • Friday, April 3 -- Kabbalat Shabbat Schmooze and Service: At 6:15 pm we’ll gather to offer Shabbat greetings to one another with words of Torah and home-based blessings. Our service will begin at 6:30 pm. Zoom link: 
  • Saturday, April 4 -- Parashat HaShavua Study Group – 8:45 – 9:30 am. Newcomers welcome. Tsav is this week’s Torah portion. Zoom link:
  • Saturday, April 4 -- Shabbat services: 9:30 am. Since we will not be in the sanctuary you can access the service through this Zoom link:
  • Saturday, April 4 -- Contemplative Afternoon Service – 4:00 – 4:45 pm. An opportunity to come together for a contemplative approach to Mincha including meditation, chanting and words of Torah. Led by Rabbi Lisa Sacks. Zoom link:
  • Saturday, April 4 -- Community Havdalah: 8:15 pm. Join us at the end of Shabbat! Zoom link:
As you are aware, our building will remain closed until further notice. Our Nursery School, Kulanu Learning Program, and Teen Learning Community (TLC) will continue their Remote Learning initiatives until further notice, as well. We ask anyone who must visit Bet Torah during this period to schedule a time to do so with Seth Young ( ) beforehand. We are, of course, following State recommendations to not congregate and to maintain social distancing.
Please continue to stay in touch with us. We truly appreciate the support and cooperation we have received, and we also gain from suggestions for improvement. Obviously, we are all in brand-new territory, and we thank you for your patience as we do our best to maintain our mission to help all of our members live their best lives from a Jewish perspective. We wish everyone health and ease during this trying time.

Carol Siege, President ( )
Seth Young, Executive Director ( )
Seth Young -
Carol Siege -
Rabbi Brusso - rabbibrusso@bettorah,org