Dear Bet Torah Community,
As of this morning, March 13, we have no known congregants or staff who have been tested for and contracted the COVID-19 virus. We at Bet Torah continue to actively assess the ongoing situation and work to protect the well being of our community. Our current priority is to help reduce the spread of this virus as best we can.  Therefore we have decided to close the building through at least Friday March 20th.
Please stay in contact with Bet Torah regarding your personal health concerns.   It is extremely important, that if you self-quarantine or are directed to do so by health officials, that you please contact Seth , carol  or Rabbi Brusso  as soon as possible.
Shabbat Services, Friday Night Services and Friday Night Sisterhood Shabbat Dinner
  • We will not hold the scheduled Sisterhood Shabbat Dinner tonight (March 13th) and there will be NO SHABBAT SERVICES tomorrow on March 14th. Sisterhood is so grateful to all of those who helped prepare for the annual Sisterhood Shabbat.  
Nursery School, Kulanu and TLC
  •  Nursery School, Kulanu Learning Program and TLC will not be open in person, however please stay tuned for communications from Mindy Citera and Gina Fass regarding opportunities for virtual learning and engagement.  
Daily Minyan will become VIRTUAL - there will be NO IN-PERSON MINYAN
  • Our regular Minyan service will become VIRTUAL

  • Virtual minyan will be held daily Monday through Thursday at 7:30 p.m, Tuesday at 7:15 am and Sunday at 9 am. Shiva minyan will be handled on a case by case basis.  

  • Please look out for an additional communication regarding links for subsequent minyans after Sunday.
Upcoming B’nai Mitzvot
  • We are in ongoing contact with those families planning for their upcoming B’nai Mitzvot. Please know that those preparations will continue virtually. Nili Ionascu, Cantor Herman and Rabbi Brusso will continue private lessons virtually and can easily remain as scheduled.

  • We will be working with families on an individual basis to make decisions about how their services will be handled, given the evolving situation. Please remain patient, as we have prioritized the families with March dates. Because the situation remains fluid, we do not yet have answers for the families who have Spring dates.
For assistance please email Seth Young and for an emergency please contact Seth Young’s cell phone at 203-962-3204.
As always, the Caring Committee serves as a support to and by Bet Torah members who are ill, isolated or in need. Please feel free to reach out to  if you are in need of support or would like to help support our congregants.
As a reminder, our main objective is to retain Bet Torah’s core mission as a Jewish institution and to do so with respect and kindness for our members and our broader community. We are continually grateful to those Bet Torah members, including the dedicated physicians, who are helping us make decisions based on our congregation’s individual and collective needs, with deference to public health considerations. We send our sincere appreciation to so many of you who have reacted with patience and support as we weave our way through this challenging time.
Carol Siege,
Seth Young,
Executive Director
Seth Young -
Carol Siege -
Rabbi Brusso - rabbibrusso@bettorah,org